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A Cup of Cold Water to Your Prophet - Part 3

Text: 1 KINGS 17:7-16, Matt. 13:54-58

MEMORY VERSE: Hosea 12:13 "And by a prophet the Lord brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet was he preserved."


Every vehicle has four operational tyres and one for reserve, as we call it spare tyre. This tyre will be dormant, inactive, unproductive, unnecessary, unimportant until the day one of the tyres has problem. This is how many people treat their servant of God. They need the man of God, they enjoy his message, they enjoy his spiritual covering and every other things but they dont have time to care for the pastor until they enter into problem, then they will run and look for the pastor. Never make your pastor as spare pastor like a spare tyre. Never neglect your pastor because one day along your journey to heaven you will need him. Change now and begin to care for your pastor. 2 Kings 4:42-44


  1. No matter how anointed another man of God is, he or she is not your prophet. God sends people to a particular church to be prepared for heaven, and as they stay there, God visits them and bless them in every area of life. That servant of God He has sent you into his or her ministry is your prophet and your man of God. You cannot spend your time going up and down spending your money in the hands of other people, they may be good or false prophets and then you leave your pastor or prophet without care and think you are doing the right thing. 2 Kings 4:1-7
  2. Your prophet is that person chosen by God to represent Him in your life, especially to feed you spiritually and to minister to you in times of trouble. God has chosen Bishop Joseph James, his wife and other pastors in this ministry to care for you and you must value them and make sure that you care for them. Sometimes we think there are better people outside, until you lose what you have, you will never know the value. Heb. 13:7,17
  3. Your spiritual parents are those THAT ARE ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU DAY AND NIGHT, YOU CALL THEIR TELEPHONE ON EMERGENCY, THEY WILL RISE AND RUN LIKE CRAZY PEOPLE FOR YOUR RESCUE, not any one who is invited for a program or anyone that is called prophet anywhere. 1 Tim. 5:17-18
  4. Many will collect the number of pastors that are invited for program, communicate with them, send offering and yet leave their personal man of God without care. No love, no value, no care, no affection for their servant of God and when problems come they will meet that same man they refuse to care for. 1 Thesso. 5:12-13, Acts 20:18-20
  5. Many wait until a servant of God comes to their house before they can give anything to him, and some will not even care after you visit and minister to them and their family, what an ignorant way of life. Matt. 10:42
  6. Giving to your man of God must come from your heart, you MUST learn to plan from your home and visit him at home or after the service you meet him right at the office and say "Man Of God I thank you for what God is using you to do in my life and family, I come to appreciate you, how do you think that servant of God will feel? Great and Wonderful not so? Matt 10:40-42
  7. THE PASTOR IS NOT A SUPERMAN WITHOUT LIFE AND FUTURE, he has feelings,needs, future like every other person, he has only obeyed the voice of God to leave everything and follow God like the apostles of Jesus Christ. That is why no full time pastor will spend his time and life in a store or shop selling things to care for his life and family, and yet have enough time to pray and seek the face of God, it is not possible. Luke 5:10-11, Matt 10:7-13


  1. When God speaks of honour and reverence for his altar, he connects it to human activities with Him. What you bring to the altar shows how you value God and His servants in your mind. Did you see God reject the offering of Cain and also in Malachi He complains about the offering that the priests brought to the altar, it all resorts to relationship both with God and your prophet. Gen. 4:3-12. Mal.1:6-8
  2. When God sent prophet Elijah to the widow of Zarephath, He knows that the widow does not have much, but He has decided to bless the widow through the anointing of the prophet. When you connect yourself to the right man of God, with a pure heart, you can never remain the same. What you give out is not greater than the anointing, rather the anointing multiplies what you give out. 1 Kings 17:12-16


  1. Teaching on caring for the servant of God is like a SIN when it is taught in some churches that lives in ignorance. When the pastor ever open his mouth to talk of helping the pastor, many people open their eyes and say in their heart, AGAIN? They believe in the anointing to care for them, but they dont believe in caring for the man of God. Even the dog that WATCHES over a house need food to have strength and do his work. Matt.13:54-58, Eph.5:18, 2 Kings 4:8-17.
  2. Many ways you can care for a servant of God. 1. Never allow the man of God to beg for anything. 2. If he has children, they must go to good school like your own children. 3. If he has a car, it must be fueled and cared for properly like every members car like insurance and changing of parts when need arises. 4. We are in times of great technologies, he needs a good phone; Ipad, laptop, internet at home and office, and both the man and wife need to dress very well to serve you. Your gifts to the man of God must be quality ones like yours and not the rejected ones. Luke 8:1-3, Gal 6:6-10, 2 Kings 4:8-17
  3. I WANT TO ASK YOU THIS SIMPLE QUESTION, WHEN YOU THINK OF YOUR PASTOR'S NEEDS WHAT COMES INTO YOUR MIND? When you bless your prophet with good things you will be blessed in a great way, it is not how big the gift is, but the value you have for him matters and that will push you to do things that valueable. Your value for him determines your action of giving towards him. God promised Abraham as a prophet I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you. Your lack of care to the prophet of God is a curse and you dont need that curse. Gen.20:3-8, Gen.12:2-3


Many pastors will be doing everything sacrificially to make their church members comfortable yet they won't love them in return, but those false pastors and Prophets who collect their money and will not care about them are the ones they will love and spend their income for.

God says, if the servants of God spend time to give you spiritual things, is it a big thing if they will reap from what you have? Hear this again, never think that any profession is greater than the pastor, and never think that there is anything TOO BIG to be given to the pastor. 1 Cor. 9:11-14, Gal 6:6-10