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A Cup of Cold Water to Your Prophet - Part 6

Text: 1 Cor 9:7-14, James 1:22-25

MEMORY VERSE: Matt. 25:42-43 For I was an hungered, and you gave me no meat; I was thirsty, and you gave me no drink: I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.


In the past few years, a couple of pastors and their wives I know have gone to glory in their prime. While many may say many things from the spiritual angle only, I resist the temptation of being naive and gullible. I refuse to believe with them. Why don't rich people die any how? Why don't presidents, governors, ministers and commissioners die so early and any how? They are properly cared for, while many pastors are treated like rejected things of life! Mal. 1:6-8.


  1. Sometimes it seems as if it is a curse being a pastor especially in nations where people do not value the servant of God. This problem of not caring for pastors did not start today; It has been an old issue but it is the deception of the devil to destroy the people of God.
  2. Apostle Paul wrote in 1 Tim 5:18 "For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, the labourer is worthy of his reward. What else will the pastor do when people do not respond to teachings like this one and continue; it will only end up in misery. If you want to understand this very well read 1 Cor 9:9-11 several times until your eyes and heart are open to the truth of the word of God.
  3. The result of negligence of the servants of God only results to confusion, misery, frustration and finally discouragement and finally abandonment of the vision. Neh. 13:10
  4. What is the difference between the prophet's children in 2 kings 4:1-4 being taken to slavery because their father was owing and a pastor's child staying at home while other church members goes back to school? This is same! But it ought not to be. What a torment of the mind and disgrace. How do you see it yourself? Would you be comfortable if you are in the shoe of the pastor? Certainly not! 2 Cor 9:14


  1. Many churches celebrate their men and women of God and this increases their anointing for the breakthrough of the members. We need to develop many areas to value God's servants.
  2. When you attend several birthdays, marriage anniversaries, appreciation days and other special ceremonies made in honour of different servants of God in their churches and the blessings they receive, you will see that they are so great because their members value their man of God. What else can God's servants get from members more than these blessings to live long on earth and serve them better in ministry. Acts 10:2-4
  3. If you have any plan to bless your man of God; do not wait again, begin it right now when there are some needs for children to get back to school. This is just the beginning because there are other areas you will see and do something if you care and very soon the season of Christmas will come when both pastors and their families need blessing too. Prov 11:24-25
  4. Go close to the man or woman of God, ask questions like this, what can I do to help you? You will see many needs that require immediate attention. Many of them may not come to you by reason of integrity, but they have serious needs that are killing them inside in silence. Gal 6:6-10
  5. When many members are in trouble, they share every bit of it with the Pastor, they want the pastor to be partaker of each of these problem. The pastor will fast, pray, spend night vigils and speak prophetic words, but when the miracle appears they will not tell the pastor. Their mind will quickly go into what the pastor will take from them. Their mind will go to tithe, prophet's offering and other things. This is the problem of the church today, is this your case? Be a good member, support your pastor or else the opposite will happen to you because God is not mocked. 1 Tim. 5:17-18, Gal. 6:6-10


  1. No one knows what a pastor hears and sees, yet keeps quiet and keep the secrets. The temptations he encounters, the secret tears he sheds, the sorrow he endures, the loneliness he manages, the bitterness he experiences, the lies that are often levelled against him by some of the people he serves yet he behaves as if there is nothing happening!
  2. No one knows how he accommodates those members who pretend they love him but behind him they destroy him with words and evil action.
  3. No one knows how he tries to live more than a human. The lack he suffers, the discrimination he must not react to, the accusations he has to mute at and the expectations he strives to cope with yet nothing comes forth.
  4. He is alive for God and yet he lives for man! The priesthood is what no one can fully understand or comprehend! The priesthood is a mystery!
  5. So ALL you can do for him is pray for him. A day must not pass without standing in the gap for him! Wish him well, and endeavor to understand him!
  6. Make him happy at least because an unhappy pastor is dangerous and a disaster to the Church of God!
  7. It is my humblest appeal to all Children of God that they Support, Pray, Intercede for all our pastors and their families. Amen!


The life of a pastor is like a candle stick, it burns on daily basis, without refilling, once the wax is finished and the thread is finished then the light is out and the members will look for another candle, ( a pastor) to burn and finish his or her life. When a candle is put in a protected can like a bottle or any other can and it begins to burn with that protection, it takes years and years to finish becuase the wax does not go out, it is protected inside that can and the light keeps burning. How do you threat your pastor? 1 Thess 5:12-13, 1 Tim 5:17-18