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Angels on Mission For You - Part 4

TEXT: Matt. 28:1-10, Acts 12:1-19.

MEMORY VERSE: Acts 12:7 – “And, behold, the angel of the Lord came upon him, and a light shined in the prison: and he smote Peter on the side, and raised him up, saying, AEISE UP QUICKLY. And his chains fell off from his hands.”


To understand that no matter the type of challenge you are facing, when your case reaches heaven and God sends an angel, the case it terminated. To remind believers that they must always wait for angelic visitations at all time. To know that angels are spirits and always have access to your life once God grants it. Finally to known that angels are strong, and when sent by God on a mission, nothing can withstand their purpose not to be achieved.


Angels are not afraid of humans; neither can any closed door or gate stop them. When they are sent to destroy, they do it without looking back, except God intervenes. And when they are sent to bless nothing can stop them from doing it. Open your heart; one of these days, angels will visit you and all you need to do is to recognize them and welcome them as suppose. Don't wait to see someone on two wings flying towards you in white. Sometimes, it could be through whom or what you despise, but don't forget God does not have a method. Always be ready to entertain people with good and pure heart. Gen. 19:1-3.


  1. What you don't recognize may not be useful to you. You must recognize your angels. Acts 16:16-33.
  2. Angels are God's agents that fight for us in times of troubles. When you don't know what to do, speak forth and call on your angels to enter into action. Once there was a traffic jam that had lasted for several hours and we had been stuck on the same spot for hours. A thought came into my heart to call on the angels, and I did in a very short prayer. I said; Oh! Lord I release my angels to take me out of this place right now, and after few minutes I heard the sound of a siren car coming from behind me and people started giving way, instead of me completely giving way I shifted slightly enough for them to pass and immediately I heard a voice to join which I did immediately and put on my double light. That is how I finally followed the police until I left the place. Then I realised how God used those police as angels to take me out from such terrible traffic jam that held people until midnight. Praise God. Acts 12:1-19, Psalms 35:5-8.
  3. Angels carry out God's instructions to give us freedom when the enemy strikes on our ways. Acts 12:18-24.


  1. Angels are God's agents to help preachers and believers fulfil their missions on earth. Nothing can stop you when God send his angels. If God is involved you are unstoppable, untouchable, unbeatable, unbreakable, undefeatable, unblockable, unquenchable, indestructible and Undieable in the most powerful name of Jesus Christ. Acts 5:14-24, Acts 8:25-38.
  2. Angels can visit, give good news and also announce some hidden divine agenda to mankind, like in the case of Elizabeth and Mary concerning the birth of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. You can have information about tomorrow’s events and even long time events that end up unfolding at the appointed time. Luke 1:3-25, Luke 1:26-38.


  1. God uses angels sometimes to minister to your needs. Gen. 22:7-19.
  2. Angels obey our voice as we speak positively the word of God in times of need. Gen. 16:3-11.
  3. We can speak and give our angels order to help us. Heb. 1:14.
  4. Several times I have seen angelic help, especially during the construction of our Bonaberi Wonder Cathedral. Sometimes, when I am completely out of finance, I will pray and ask angels to bring people to me, and the exact amount needed is what comes. Luke 2:52.


Total reliance on God in every battle makes much sense. It makes battles that will take hours to be turn to a matter of seconds because God sends his angels around us into action. We also see humans effortlessness responding to the action of divine power. Heaven is always at alert, when the earth stays in obedience. You are blessed and highly favoured. Psalms 34:7.