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Angels on Mission For You - Part 6

TEXT: Judges 6:11-14

MEMORY VERSE: Matt. 28:2 – “And, behold, there was a great earthquake for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door, and sat on it.”


To show that angels can give messages based God's direction whether good or bad. To understand that your constant hospitality can release angelic beings as mandated by God to bless your life or family. To know that angels can do great things according to divine instructions.


It is possible for angels to give you direction following God's word. Angels have no power of their own, they only move at the command of God by the prayers of the Saints or God Himself giving them direction to go and give either good news or bad news to people. When God sends out an angel, there must be a change in that nation, family and community.


  1. Hospitality can attract and bring angels into your home to bless your generation. Gen. 19:1-3, Heb. 13:1-2
  2. Your giving and prayers can attract angels for visitation. Acts 10:1-8
  3. Angels can be used by God stop you from fulfilling an evil mission. Numb. 23:15-35


  1. Angels can bring messages physically or in dreams. Matt. 2:19-23, Gen. 22:6-19.
  2. Angels can bring healing to people that are sick by divine order. John 5:2-14.
  3. God sent angels to destroy, but he still had pity on the people. 1 Chro. 21:8-28


  1. During one of our journeys to Nigeria by air. I was sleeping in the aircraft because I like to relax during my journeys. After a long journey in the air as we were getting close to landing in Nigeria, they announced that the weather is too bad, that we were not going to stop in Port Harcourt airport but in Lagos; my wife woke me up and break the news to me. I simply asked her “is this why you are waking me up from my sleep?” I told her I need to sleep. In few minutes they announced again that everything has returned to normal. I know God sent his angel to keep the weather calm. No panicking during your life on earth, the angels are always in charge of your life. Psalms 34:7
  2. There was a time in Douala, Cameroon while we were sleeping thieves came into our compound. They were going from house to house, stealing and harming people. The noise was so much that my wife woke me up from sleep and told me what was happening. She added we have to pray and I said no prayer. I asked her to sleep, because two people cannot be awake at the same time. God promised that “He neither sleeps nor slumbers”, then I have to sleep and slumber, while he is awake watching over me. The thieves did not enter into our house, but they entered all the other houses, stole their belongings and even wounded several people, but for us there was no stealing and no harm. Psalms 121:1-6, Psalms 91:5-13
  3. We have been protected and defended several times during our 28 years of mission experience in Cameroon from a lot of danger, in the sea, among the false brethren, among false pastors, attacks of diverse kinds, but God has given us victory. Isa. 37:32-38.
  4. In diverse ways and manners, many people have received angelic helps in times of trouble, and we want to re-establish and reconfirm that angels can help anyone in times of need.


Angels are secret agents and they can bring great change in the lives of people. You are unstoppable! You are untouchable! You are unquenchable! You are unlockable! You are unblockable! You are unbeatable! You are unbreakable! You are indestructible and you are Undieable! May the Lord open your eyes to see angels and receive their ministrations. Amen and amen.