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james_intro_2 Welcome to the study center of Dr. Joseph and Dr. Josephine James. We have brought together the inspiring and motivating articles from our humble service with the Lord for some years now to build up your lives. Unique Women Forum and Dominion Faith have teamed together to bring up some new ways of bringing changes to your life, your marriage and business.

Our study center contains powerful wisdom teachings that has transformed many lives as they listen to it in church services or Pure Word Exposition Hour. You need to bring a quick miraculous change in your life and marriage through these teachings. These teachings will push you into exploits in life.

Do you need victory in any area of your life? These teachings will make you an overcomer in every situation. We invite you to come and study as long as you want. Encounter with the Pure Word of God as Drs. James' unveils the mysteries of the Word of God.

God has instructed us to have monthly teachings on the family and other subjects to help many to study at home and also to help those that have not had the opportunity to come to these tremendous life changing seminars and conferences. Many people after reading the teachings have changed their opinions and way of living concerning life and their future.

You can share these teachings with other people and you can use our materials to affect your church, Bible studies and your family.

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