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Atmosphere for Mega Laughter - Part 1

Text: Gen. 21:1-7, Micah 7:5-10


To teach us that there is no laughter without work. God worked for six days and on the seventh day he rested. Anyone begin to rest without labour is a lazy person and will only end up in life crying. There is no mega laughter until there is mega work.

Memory Verse: Gen. 21:6 – “And Sarah said, God hath made me to laugh, so that all that hear will laugh with me.”


Challenges sometimes drives away laughter from people's lips. Sometimes it seems as if God has forgotten you because of some negative situations around you. Some other times people injure you with words, mocking and laughing at you asking you – “where your God is?” The truth is this God still remains God, no matter the challenges. Ps. 91:1-16. When life turns you upside down don't give up; you will not die until God visits you with MEGA LAUGHTER! You will enjoy it and live until God's appointed time. Job 42:12-17. No matter the gathering of evil men and women, nothing can stop you from mega laughter this year! Hahahahahaha! Let's laugh together, it is time to laugh. Ps. 3:1-8.


Nothing works when we fail to recognise the word of God as the highest authority in your life. Even prophetic words are reduced to nothing by doubt. Ps. 119:103-105. Challenges that come your way must finally go away no matter how strong they look. Luke 10:17-20.


  1. Doubt is a virus that destroys your faith – Numbers 13:26-33
  2. Doubt makes your challenges stand very strong and defeat you – Numbers 14:1-45
  3. Doubt makes the word of God of no effect in you – Matt. 7:26-27
  4. Doubt increases anxiety and worry and brings you High Blood Pressure and/or death – Phil 4:6-8
  5. Doubt causes people to rebel leading to their destruction and death – Numbers 16:1-50

Don't be among the eight out of ten spies that saw themselves as grasshoppers and also thought that the giants saw them as grasshoppers. They perished and never saw the land of promise. So never doubt the prophetic word of the year – MEGA LAUGHTER! You will have mega answers for mega laughter in Jesus name. Numbers 13:33, Numbers 14:10-24.


  1. Prepare your heart this year to serve God. Many people don’t know the importance of hospitality, commitment and service even in their relationship with servants of God. 1 Cor. 9:11-14.
  2. Abraham never allowed any opportunity to give or serve pass him without him serving or giving. Gen. 18:1-10, 1 Tim 5:17-18.
  3. God is so happy with you when you serve him sacrificially, when you abandon your whole being to him like Abraham did. Abraham saw three men and quickly recognized them of which in reality two were angels and one of them was God, but they all came in human nature. Gen. 18:1-5. Through hospitality he served them and got what he desired in life. Gen.18:6-9.
  4. God said He will never hide from Abraham what he wants to do, because he already knew that Abraham will lead his family in the right way. What a wonderful testimony Abraham had with God. What does your relationship with God look like? Gen. 18:17-19.

Seven Things You Must Decide To Change During The Season Of MEGA LAUGHTER!

God is not wicked. He rewards our labour. He remembers us in time of suffering or challenges. He does not abandon anyone. This year 2018 will give you mega laughter. The answers that will make people to celebrate you will come your way. You will laugh in a MEGA WAY that is called MEGA LAUGHTER. Even God will laugh at your challenges. Psalms 2:1-4.


  1. The hospitality of Abraham turned their captivity into celebration. God, after eating asked Abraham a question; "Where is Sarah your wife...I will surely visit her"? Gen. 18:8-15. Do something that will attract God's attention to your family. It is not how old your challenges are that matter, it is how much you trust God and how much you are connected in your sacrifices to him.
  2. The complications in the problems of Abraham and Sarah were not BIG ENOUGH to stop God, and he was not moved by them. Gen. 18:11-12.
  3. Until your challenges are MEGA, you will not receive MEGA ANSWERS for MEGA LAUGHTER. Gen. 21:1-7, Psalms 11:5-17.
  4. Stepping into new glories of life! Stepping into miraculous surprises! Stepping into mega answers for mega laughter is God's desire for you, after all every parent delights in giving toys to their children. Jer. 33:3, Jer. 17:7-8.

Four Things That Will Happen To You In MEGA LAUGHTER!

  1. Your captivities will be turned around and it will bring an attractive laugher for celebration. People will come around to celebrate you. Psalms 126:1-6
  2. The Lord will give you rest from all unproductive labours and will strengthen your family mightily. Psalms 127:1-5
  3. You will be baptized with a lucrative job, good cars; success in academic life, lovely marriage, outstanding buildings, lands, material blessings and you will eat and rejoice in the labour of your hands. Psalms 128:1-6.
  4. God remains Who he is for you. He will never change, neither will he abandon you. You are in for MEGA ANSWERS that bring MEGA LAUGHTER. Hahahaha! It is done and nothing can stop it. Heb. 13:5-6. Heb.6:10-20, 1 Cor. 15:58


Your thinking this year must change from negative to positive. Your positive thinking determines your confession, and your confession produces your godly behaviour and finally that manifests the glory of God upon our life. Isaiah 45:1-3.


Success is my portion!
Holiness is my lifestyle!
Righteousness is my life!
Riches are my portion!
I will reign in life!
I will rule my world!
Oh! Help me God