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Atmosphere for Mega Laughter - Part 2

TEXT: Deut. 8:1-20

Memory Verse: Deut. 8:18 – “But thou shalt REMEMBER the Lord thy God: for it is he that giveth thee POWER to get WEALTH, that he may ESTABLISH his COVENANT which he sweared unto thy fathers, as it is this day.”


To teach us that no matter how much wealth and riches you have on earth without kingdom investment, you are a waste on earth. Also to know that God wants to make us great, but it is also to glorify his name and to advance his kingdom on earth and not for our selfish interest; so in the end that we may rejoice in the coming kingdom. Finally to know that there is no level we cannot attain if we decide to make it in life.


Praise God! It is a new year! A year of mega laughter! A year of mega answers and celebrations with much joy! At the beginning of every year people shout and rejoice and are so happy that they made it into the New Year! After that, so many people program themselves for the New Year, writing down what they want God to do for them and what they want to achieve in that New Year. Few think back on what they have achieved for God who permitted them to enter into the New Year! Deut. 8:18. Even fewer think of how much they achieved in the work of God, and very few others think about what they invested into others to make them happy? James 1:27, Matt. 25:35-36. Is this your case? What did you achieve in the kingdom of God last year? Compare it with what you kept for yourself and still complain against God! If you had left this world for eternity last year what will you tell God that you accomplished on earth? Beware! Don’t be selfish, build the kingdom and mega laughter will make meaning for you! James 5:1-3.


  1. We quickly forget who we were immediately God begins to make us great! It takes God nothing to make man great, but the problem of God has always been; what happens when you become great! Will you still be humble like before? Will you still serve like before? Will you still come to church early like before? Will you still respect your pastor like before? Will you still be among the brethren? Luke 12:13-21.
  2. What is in your mind to achieve this year? It will come to pass as you allow God to direct your life and journey. Enlarge that vision, give it what it requires and you will see it come to pass, but when God is your partner in work, he should also be your partner in sharing the dividend. Eccl 9:10, Matt. 6:19-21.
  3. What kind of vision comes into your mind? Develop it and you will see accomplishments and mega laughter will flow from your mouth. Gen. 30:26-43. Don’t forget what we have been discussing; were you paying your tithes completely last year and now this is a new year? All the vows you made last year for the work of God, did you pay them or were you selfish? Eccl. 5:4-6. Was God depending on you to achieve the kingdom work? Think deep about these things and see how to continue this year. Psalm 132:1-5
  4. You can only become what you think and plan. One year is enough to change your entire destiny. This is that year you can enter into mega laughter; begin right now to amend your life and ways. God can prosper you abundantly if you trust him; but will you remember God? It is easy to say yes, but we have seen so many forget God after they are blessed; will you be one of them? Gen. 31:1-18. Job 32:11-12.


  1. Your imagination and decision this year determines your destination. Whatever vision you give attention, will give you direction. You may look like nothing last year, but the supernatural finger of God is ready to transform you this year and give you MEGA LAUGHTER. 1 Cor. 1:25-31
  2. Whatsoever you desire to achieve this year is possible if you work on it and have plans for God. No one can be great if he is not determined. Prov. 22:29. God told me that "One man with his treasure can turn a great forest into a wonderful city, but many misuse their treasures.” Matt. 13:44-46. If Cain could build a city after he was cursed by God and pleaded his case, then you can be the next person if you determine to do so. Gen. 4:8-17, Luke 14:28-35.
  3. Last year we spoke of:- a) Operation Conquer A City and Operation conquer a nation through Missions Africa 2017-2020. The project is still on this year; MISSIONS AFRICA 2018-2020. We add a) Operation conquer a village b) Operation conquer an urban area c) Operation conquer a city and d) Operation conquer a nation. You can sponsor a crusade and take care of a pastor. If you are ready to do great things, God is ready to support you. When you are on divine course no matter how great it is; you can make it when God says yes to it. Mark 16:15-20.
  4. God speaks when men are ready to obey. Stand firm to pay the price this year no matter how great it is; you will achieve what you want. Fasting, Prayer, Pastoral Care, Bishopric Care, Sacrifices, Missions and Missionary Support, Tithing, Welfare etc. Luke 6:38; Prov 11:24-25.
  5. We are talking about things that will bring MEGA LAUGHTER in 2018; obey God and do his work and you will see it come to pass.1 Chro. 4:9-10, Matt. 10:37-42.


2018 is our year of MEGA LAUGHTER, and this is our FOCUS TO ACHIEVE!

  1. Buying of Evangelistic Equipment for Crusades and other Outreaches
  2. Bishopric and Administrative Office Equipment
  3. Starting the Nigeria Church and hiring a house for the pastor etc
  4. Finishing the Wonder Cathedral at Bonaberi
  5. Finishing the document of Muyuka Church and laying the foundation
  6. Missions Africa 2018-2020 to move into nations
  7. Making our Bible College very strong and compelling all workers to be trained.


James 1:21-25 says it is the doers of the word that are justified not the hearers only who deceive themselves. Everything is possible when you decide, but nothing is possible until you reach out for it. Luke 19:12-15. Procrastination and laziness are good friends that kill great visions. Don't just say I have a vision do something about it this year and succeed. Eccl. 9:10; Eccl. 5:12, Prov 24:30-34.