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Building God's Kingdom Sacrificially - Part 1

Text: Ezra 3:6-10, Luke 7:2-5

Memory Verse: Haggai 1:9 Ye looked for much, and, lo, [it came] to little; and when ye brought [it] home, I did blow upon it. Why? saith the LORD of hosts. Because of mine house that [is] waste, and ye run every man unto his own house.


To know that we cannot be watching and see God's house or kingdom wasted and we succeed. To understand that God is not a beggar; neither a dog nor our servant to be treated like one. To know that whatsoever we have belongs to God. To also know that we cannot do enough for the kingdom of God.


We have entered into a year that our battles are taken over by GRACE. Grace is a life lifter. Grace silences every reproach, shame and misery. We need to connect to this grace and bring shame to satan over his attacks against God's KINGDOM. Recently we have heard that some people encroached into the land we bought for the church of God because we have lingered in fencing the land to protect it from devourers. Nothing makes God happy like when his children take a step of faith to begin projects that glorify his name. Luke 7:2-5.

A military officer in the bible days built a synagogue for God and in the day of his trouble, there was a quick intervention on his behalf. Luke 7:2-5. We must be a part of building the house of GOD WHEN THE NEED ARISES LIKE OUR LAND IN AKPUOGA IN ENUGU, NIGERIA AND WONDER CATHEDRAL.

Presently, there is a call from above to preserve our land from danger; will you close your ears to the call and see people take the land we PAINFULLY and with TEARS BOUGHT FOR KINGDOM PURPOSE. Ornan told David that he was ready to give him a land and the things required to build an altar for the Lord. Can you learn from them today? 1 Chro. 21:22-23


  1. Many people in the time of old and even today have sacrificed so dearly to see that the house of God is built. Sacrifice is the act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else considered to be more important or worthy. Our land in Enugu, Nigeria need urgent sacrifice so we dont loose it. 1 Chro. 21:21-30
  2. If we can build our own personal house, then we should not let the house of God get ridiculed as many did in the Old Testament and as many are still doing today. If we had given enough, our land will not be encroached today as we are spending more to salvage it. Haggai 1:2-11.
  3. We need at least One million and nine hundred cfa which is mine hundred thousand naira to bring up a dwarf wall over the land. This does not including customary fee of 500.000 thousand naira which is al.ost 1 million cfa. When building for God, it is time to give an uncommon, excellent, unusual, rare, outstanding, and extraordinary sacrifice to show our true love for God. Zech. 6:12-15.
  4. When there is URGENT need we dont vow, we sacrifice. There are TIMES vow WASTE THE KINGDOM INSTEAD OF BUILDING IT. When we vow for the building of God's house and pay the like God is a beggar or pay in a way in which it won’t be useful; then we are being selfish and self-centred. Are we really doing God service or are we satisfying our selfishness? Mal. 1:6-8.


  1. During the building of the house of God; God expects his people to sacrifice so he can release uncommon blessings into their lives and families. WE CANNOT BE SHOUTING UNLIMITED GRACE and behave like those we need UNLIMITED POVERTY BY BEING SELFISH. 1 kings 6:1-38
  2. David said; I cannot give God what does not cost me anything. Even when Ornan offered him the LAND AND OTHER THINGS FOR SACRICE, he refused. David wanted to be a partaker of the blessings after sacrificing for the building of the Altar of the Lord. 1 Chro.21:22-26.
  3. God gave a specific instruction to Moses to build him a tabernacle, and prepare the priests that will serve in Exodus Chapters 25, 26 and 27, and He asked the children of Israel to bring all kinds of gifts, sacrifice and other materials to build. Exodus 35:20-35.


  1. Hope we never forgot that this Nigerian land was a sacrifice made by our bishop and wife to make sure we have this DOMINION FAITH INTERNATIONAL MISSIONS in Nigeria. Now everyone can engage in making it a reality. Dont forget out AFRIC-MISSIONS 2020 will be in Nigeria this year.
  2. We must understand that when we sacrifice for building God’s house, he also rewards us with great blessings much more than we have given to Him. Luke 6:38
  3. If we really know that God is the owner of everything we have according to Psalms 24:1, then we must always think of giving him uncommon sacrifice when his house is to be built. Psalms 126:5-6


If KINGDOM PROJECTS get destroyed or die in your hands because of your selfishness, you will suffer greatly on earth and in heaven. Teacher finish QUICKLY and discuss these scriptures with your class.

Luke 12:16-21, Matt. 6:19-21. Let your students say something about them. May your life be taken over by UNLIMITED GRACE THIS YEAR. GRACE WILL SPEAK FOR YOU THIS YEAR EVERYWHERE YOU GO IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.