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Church Membership and the Value of God's Kingdom - Part 1, Volume 1

TEXT: Num. 1:1-54, Acts 2:41-47.

MEMORY VERSE: Num. 1:2 – “Take you the sum of all the CONGREGATION of the children of Israel, after their FAMILIES, by the house of their fathers, with the number of their NAMES, every male by their polls.”


To know that church membership is very important and to discover that church is a family. To understand that you must belong to a church having proper record of your activities from the time you came until the time you either relocate to another nation where your church is not found or when death occurs. To also understand that you cannot belong to any association or organization without responsibilities; and these responsibilities will depend on the rules and regulations of that church.


Looking at several churches today in different nations, you realise that there are more people migrating from church to church than those interested in church membership and church growth. People go from church to church looking for miracles, prophecies, materials help, position instead of responsibility and many other unnecessary reasons that make them leave without proper foundation. 2 Tim. 4:9-18. Some even create irreparable problems when leaving because of their selfish desires. There could be a misunderstanding between two church members or between the pastor and the member but as soon as the matter is resolved, we continue moving ahead because the church is a family. Church is more of a family than just a casual recreational centre; so God is very much interested in the individuals and families that make up the church; that is why He is oriented by

  1. Numbers
  2. Records and
  3. Order

There may be a good reason for leaving after deliberations with the pastor and church leaders because they have been a blessing; but it is supposed to be done ceremoniously and not rebelliously so as to remain an extended son or daughter of the same family. Rom. 16:1-27, 1 Cor. 14:40


  1. Church membership is the conscious decision by someone to belong to a church after he has repented of his sins, been baptised by immersion and probably has gone through some membership teachings and has accept the code of excellence or conduct, doctrines and principles of living. It is only after such that a person at that time is officially accepted as a member. Understand this fact; the saints of old never took the ordinance of baptism lightly, it is always seen as a symbol of true repentance both before God and men, and also as an opening to church membership; that is why even Jesus Christ was baptized. Matt. 3:13-17, Matt. 28:16-20, Mark 16:14-20, Acts 2:44-47, Acts 16:14-15, Acts 16:31-34. These people in Acts 19:1-6 encountered double baptism because of their former ignorance.
  2. Having seen the confusion in the world today we came to a decision to teach our Christians the need to become strong church members. Membership is involving one's self in an organisation and fulfilling all their requirements. Every organisation has some rules or principles that guide them and some of them make up the criteria for becoming a member, indicates the responsibilities of each member, the benefits of a member and what can result to loss of membership. This helps the organisation to know how many members they have in their record and how to handle them in both good and hard times, and also in life or death. Amos 3:3.


  1. Becoming a member of any church is a decision from one's heart. The person MUST BE READY TO FOLLOW the rules and regulations of that church and after asking questions; if he or she is satisfied, then the person may become a member. Acts 4:32-37
  2. In Dominion Faith to become a member, you must follow some teachings of the church, be baptized if you have not done so in a revived church and be watched for a while; in addition you must belong to a department fulfilling all the demands of the department and also have the membership card which doubles as the church’s tithe card, coupled with the welfare card, the mission card and you must also be involve in other activities of the church to prove yourself faithful. At this point can you be enrolled as a member.
  3. The parish register should carry your name and activities; For example what you have done and given and in some projects your name may be in engraved on it, and your department must also have your name and activities. Acts 3:43-47, 2 Sam. 23:8-23. If you are a serious and committed Christian, use Monday to Friday to study the greatest register of life; the book of 1 Chronicle Chapter 1 to Chapter 12; you will see some names without activities and those with great responsibilities. Please do it as a home work, write down your findings and experiences and bring it to your pastor to see your level of bible knowledge.


As we explore the need to become a strong member of a local church, we advice every Christian to follow this teaching until we complete it. Go home read what you are taught like the BEREAN CHRISTIANS to see if they are real and the same. Read all the scriptures in this school of wisdom to become wiser. Acts 17:10-15