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Church Membership and the Value of God's Kingdom - Part 1, Volume 2

TEXT: 2 Sam 23:8-23, 1 Cor. 3:9-15

MEMORY VERSE: Hebrews 6:10 – “For God is not UNRIGHTEOUS to forget your WORK and LABOUR of LOVE, which you have SHEWED towards his name, in that you have MINISTERED to the SAINTS, and do MINISTER.”


To remind people the purpose for their role in the family of the church and to fulfil that purpose effectively instead misusing their gift. To open people's eyes on the need to be a good member who participates in church growth and not in church destruction by their evil ways.


The Church is a family to which everyone must be a strong and committed part of. When you read some portions of Eph 4:16; You will see some of the expressions of Apostle Paul and how some portions have been written in bold letters by us for emphasis sake, “From whom the whole body fitly joined TOGETHER and COMPACTED by that which every JOINT SUPPLIETH, according to the EFFECTUAL working in the MEASURE of EVERY PART, maketh INCREASE of the BODY unto the EDIFYING of itself in LOVE.” Study Eph. 4:11-17 several times and you will understand the purpose of the church as a family and the need for every part of the body to work.

Based on the start of our teaching on membership; we discovered that church membership is very important. The real church members are those that belong and are committed to the advancement of that church and they are seen as the disciples of that church while those that come and go, who are doing nothing to help in the advancement of the Church of God, are seen as miracle seekers, visitors, multitude or numbers as the Bishop will call them. We therefore advice everyone to go beyond being an ordinary church visitor in the likeness of a guest who comes to a family and goes their way. Eph. 4:1-8. If you have the gift and call to work in Dominion Faith; stay, work and use that gift; don't be a vagabond Christian!


  1. God is always in interested in the mention of the names of people who did great things in the Bible. Apostle Paul said certain things about some people like Onesiphorus, Luke, Tychicus and Carpus who often refreshed him and asked the Lord to bless him. 2 Tim 1:16-18, see Heb. 6:10, also 2 Tim. 4:11-13. He said something so special about someone “Take Mark and bring him with thee: for he is PROFITABLE to me for the MINISTRY” – 2 Tim. 4:11. Are you profitable to the church or the pastor? You may just say yes, but can you prove it.
  2. Real church members are those that are involved in church activities, project realizing, and are close to the pastor to achieve the vision of God in his life, like MISSIONS AFRICA 2018. Each branch requires several things this year to make up a standard church, but before then the headquarters must be equipped to stand up for both God and man. If after these teachings we do nothing about these things, then the SCHOOL OF WISDOM is in vain, and all the teachers are wasting their time talking. Ex. 28:1-5, Heb. 5:4, 1 Thess. 5:12-13
    • Message Recorders and CD Multipliers
    • Cameras (Both for photos and Videos)
    • Computer Printer and a Good Laptop
    • Laminating Machine for Church Certificates like Child Dedication, Marriage Certificates, other certificates and for Conference/convention cards.
    • Spiral Binding Machine and others.
    • Each pastor’s office needs to be properly equipped to serve the people of God properly.
  3. When you look closely to our text above; you will see the mighty men of David, like Adino, Eleazar, Shammah, Abishai and many others etc; they were the real members of his army. They were ready to advance the kingdom of Israel, they were ready to make God happy, and they were ready to make David happy. When anyone stays and fights the battle, you hear the following “And God wrought GREAT VICTORY”. God is always looking for an INSTRUMENT TO USE. He said in Ezek 22:30, “And I SOUGHT FOR A MAN among them ...BUT I FOUND NONE.” God forbid, not in my own generation. A lot of people who run away in time of church difficulties, church projects and other times of need 2 Sam 23:8-10, Psalms 78:9-19.
  4. Take a very close and detailed look, you will discover that it is few members who do great exploits in the church, while others enjoy the fruits of their labour. When the names of such people are mentioned; some people quickly take offence, yet these same people are not ready to do anything to boost the IMAGE of the church and make their name remarkable. It is not all about MONEY, IT IS YOUR HEART AND YOUR MIND WORKING TOGETHER, to help achieve GREAT THINGS and not EVIL THINGS as many are accustomed to. 2 Sam. 23:11-17.


  1. Troublers Of The Church is what Joshua called Achan: Who are the troublers of the church? Those committed to destroying the body of Christ and the servants of God. They go from church to church or from house to house causing one problem to the other. They always see faults and discuss with other members, and even in their families just to cause trouble. Sometimes we feel like calling out such people in the church as the Bible clearly states some names like Miriam and Aaron – Num. 12:1-10, Korah, Dathan and Abiram – Numb. 16:1-33, Phygellus and Hermogenes – 2 Tim. 1:15, Demas – 2 Tim. 4:10, Alexander the coppersmith – 2 Tim 4:14-16 and many others.
  2. When a member constantly avoids fellowship with the saints or avoids coming to workers meeting or seminars, giving no reason for such a long absence (either due to sickness or unprecedented journey), which cannot happen today because of present TECHNOLOGY, such a person is not regarded as a member of the assembly. Heb 10:25-26 reminds us that “IT IS THE MANNER OF SOME PEOPLE” the word manner means “CUSTOM or TRADITION". So some people have a very bad manner, custom or tradition which is generally called BAD BEHAVIOUR in the church. Rom. 16:17 advises us “To MARK or KNOW” such people and AVOID THEM or HAVE NOTHING to do with them, or else as they continue they will TEACH US THEIR EVIL WAYS and contaminate us – 1 Cor. 15:33.
  3. Many people don't see anything wrong in avoiding the fellowship with the saints and do it randomly. Every little problem is an occasion for them to complain and stop coming to the church, but when they have serious problem that requires help they quickly run back either to the leadership or the pastor asking for help. They want the pastor and the church to partake in their problems but not in their success or blessings. In Col. 4:14, Demas was greeting the church through Apostle Paul and in 2 Tim. 4:10 Demas had forsaken Apostle Paul and the church. See how some people even abandoned Jesus Christ and how some remained and yet among those that remained, Jesus said “Have not I chosen you twelve, and one of you is a devil?” John 6:51-71
  4. Many avoid activities for a long time, especially when there is a project or a program that requires money or service because they don't want to be partakers. Dominion Faith will no more condole such people as members of the church, because they only exploit and extort the church and the pastors to their destruction. These same people are the ones who go on complaining about the church and the pastors. Some members are more dangerous in their stay in the church BECUASE their mouth is evil and their exit from the church brings about peace. They are full of ingratitude, anger, pride, tale bearing and evil speaking. They complain of one thing the church or the pastor has not done or has done wrong, but they never give thanks or appreciate the church or the pastor for thousands of things done for them or done right. Prov 26:17-28, Prov 19:26 Ps. 78:9-12.


Several people believe that church is in the heart. They always want to separate themselves from other Christians because of false teachings or their selfish desires, but the truth is that they will need help one day whether while alive or when they die and their body requires care. As the Presbytery have quite established now after much deliberations, if any church member is not involved financially in the church and in the department as we are establishing all the necessary rules and principles such does not belong to us both in life and death. Our tithe and welfare cards are a must for all.