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Church Membership and the Value of God's Kingdom - Part 3, Volume 1

TEXT: Neh. 4:11-23, Neh. 6:1-15, Gen. 11:1-9

MEMORY VERSE: Gen. 11:4 – “And they said, Go to, let us build a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth.”


To know that we can do exploits if when united; and realise that unity is strength. Also to understand that those who make themselves problematic members always end in destruction. Finally to know that pastors are sent as gifts to your life; it is to relate with them properly for your blessings.


There was a people who wanted to rebel against God's instruction in Gen. 1:27-28,” So God created man in his IMAGE... AND God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion....” but they preferred to build a city and a tower that will reach heaven so that they don't scatter, but God scattered them. Gen. 11:4-7. The future of any church depends on how united, active and committed the members are. Church members seek to buy the future of their church by acquiring lands and buying or building estates, schools, hospitals, guest houses, supermarkets, petrol stations etc so that the vision of that ministry doesn’t die. You can take good examples from what is happening in many denominations today. When members are selfish, the vision dies in their hands, but when they are committed and sacrificial, nothing stops them from whatsoever they want to achieve. Listen to this, “Where this is no vision, the people perish, and where there are no vision carriers, the vision also perishes”. Will the vision of Dominion Faith perish in your hands? Prov. 29:18. "Gen. 11:1-9.


  1. Church members are divided into different departments for the smooth running of the church just like a tree. We all understand that a tree is made up of the tap root and side roots, the stem, big and small branches, the leaves, flowers and the fruits. All these make up the tree and it is same for the human body which has several parts. Nevertheless, there are parts that labour much to sustain the tree. The flowers stay for a while as the fruits are produced or fall off. The fruits are consumed when ready and if not consumed they fall off and get rotten and in turn release their seeds for reproduction or get wasted. Just like earlier mentioned the leaves stay for a while and fall off naturally or get pulled off the tree either by humans or any other force. The branches hold all these things together while connected to the stem but still can be destroyed by strong wind. Finally the principal and the side roots supply the nutrients and strengthen the tree. John 15:1-4. Even when the tree falls, the roots still supplies nutrients except if the trunk is cut off completely. So when the church has strong root members, the church prospers and lasts in productivity. Job 14:7-9.
  2. Each department makes plans on how to build up themselves so as to strengthen the church like the branches of the tree. They develop strategies on how to raise finance and make themselves relevant in that church like the fruits plans the future by producing seed. The children department in our former church in Nigeria was producing teaching materials for parents to buy and teach their children at home. Children went to work in members houses and got paid and this money was added to their purse; they also got involved in so many other things to produce money for their department to support the church. Matt 7:16-18
  3. Each department should seek to build or buy lands and properties for the church to occupy their proper place in the society like the fruit does to reproduce the next tree. The women department of a particular church in Nigeria established a maternity and also built a nursery school, primary school and college, and these empowered so many women not forgetting that they use their income to support the church. Matt 7:19-20


Every church that will grow and last must be involved in property acquisition just like every family that tries to make plans for their future.

  1. Church members must think on how they must come out of rent to have their own place of worship. No church succeeds worshipping in a rented place all through their existence. Even if there is no structure yet on their acquired land and no matter how small it is, they have a better future than a church worshipping in a rented place where they spend huge amount of money monthly for the hall and may be for the pastor's house also. When any money comes in, they invest it on that land and the church advances. Luke 7:2-5
  2. Church members must always think on how to buy lands both inside the city and in undeveloped areas of any country. Look at these people who were against a divine order and were ready to fulfil a great goal if not that God came down to stop their evil plans. They were ready to build a city and a tower that will reach heaven, so that they don't scatter. God said, “Nothing will restrain them from what they have IMAGINED to do, Let's go down and SCATTER them!” That is why every member must be registered so we can know “WHO IS A MEMBER AND WHO IS A VISITOR”. Gen. 11:1-9. Hab. 2:1-4. Immediately after God stopped the building of the CITY and TOWER, you see record of names and families. Gen.11:10-32.
  3. Church members must always think on how to develop properties may be by building schools, hospitals, bakeries, supermarkets, petrol stations and other things that can expand the church. This is the vision of our bishop, and we know someday it must surely come to pass in any place in this world. Cain was cursed by God for killing his brother, but he pleaded his cause with God! He got married, gave birth to children, built a city not just a house but a city like Douala, Abuja, Washington D.C. etc. Many churches are building great cities and one day we will do the same if Christ tarries to come in Jesus name! But let us begin with this little CATHEDRAL in Bonaberi, Douala, Cameroon. Gen. 4:9-19, Matt 5:13-16.
  4. Many church members acquire large acres of land properties in rural areas and sometimes in cities depending on their income for the expansion of the church. The tomorrow of every church is achieved today! Many places you call town or city today were once interior villages and urban areas but were turned to cities by men. The Lord told our spiritual father this “One man with God's treasure can turn a terrible village, into a great city”. You can be that man or woman! Ezra 6:1-15
  5. Churches involve themselves in farm plantations like Cocoa, Bananas, Plantain, Rubber, Palm Trees, Apples, Pineapple and animal husbandry like chicken poultry, fishery's, mushroom etc, just to make sure that the church has a future. Some years ago while in Nigeria, our youth department hired a land and cultivated Pepper, Maize etc and the youth department became so powerful doing programs and supporting the church. Prov. 24:27


Becoming a church member is more than registering with the church. The church is a like family where sons and daughters are raised. Apostle Paul called Bishop Timothy his son; so every church needs sons and daughters that will grow and become part of the church family. The question is; Are you a true member, son or daughter who has come to build Dominion Faith, or are you a passer bye who has come for miracle and go your way? Think about this. You will give account of your life one day! Rev. 20:11-15, Rom 14:12.