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Church Membership, Tithes and Christian Worship - Part 10

TEXT: Heb.5:1-14, Heb. 10:21-31, Eccl. 8:11-13

MEMORY VERSE: "Heb. 10:26,31 For if we sin willfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remains no more sacrifice for sins; It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God"


1. To understand that those who know about tithe and willfully disobey paying it will go to hell fire because of idolatry. 2. To know that dullness of mind after much learning is not an excuse and cannot be accepted by God. 3. Finally to know that greed, covetousness, selfishness and foolishness have killed so many Christians as it did the men in Luke 12:16-21 and Mark 10:17-31.


As we bring the teaching of tithing to an end, many people may still want to maintain their ignorance, live in disobedience and prefer to go to hell fire than to obey the principle of tithing and live to the glory of God. The question is this, can a believer miss heaven becuase of refusal to pay tithe? Oh! Yes, because COVETOUSNESS IS IDOLATRY. Col. 3:5 And when you willfully disobey the word of God, there is no more sacrifice for your sins except punishment awaiting you. Heb. 10:26,31. The childishness and foolishness of the church after much teachings shows that the church refuse to obey the word and chooses to continue in disobedience. Heb. 5:12-14.


  1. Many people intentionally refuse to pay their tithes or pay it completely becuase of foolishness, selfishness, greed and covetousness. Listen, if you are not careful from now, you may hear the same word like this "Luke 12:20 But God said to him, Thou fool, THIS NIGHT THY SOUL SHALL BE REQUIRED OF THEE: then whose shall those thing be, which thou has provided? Take time on your own to read Luke 12:16-21
  2. You have heard several teachings how this world will vanish away, yet you live as if you have remedy over your soul. You also have refuse to pay your tithe thinking that your foolish attitude can stop the church from moving, but know that God will judge every act of man. Eccl. 8:11-13, Matt. 6:19-21, Mark 8:35-38.
  3. God instructed us to look unto Abraham and Sarah and see how he called them, blessed and increased them, because they followed Him in sacrificial obedience Isa 51:1-3. He also told us to look unto Jesus who died for us, suffering all pain and shame, but selfishness and greed takes hold of Christians. Heb. 12:1-8.
  4. Looking at all the false religions like Jehovah's Witness, Islam, Later Day Saints, Baha'i Faith, Rosicrucian, Freemasons and many others in the world today, they spend much money to build and decorate their centres, send and care for their missionaries. E.g. Many individual's Muslim will build Mosques and donate it to their religion, yet you see believers arguing about ordinary tithe what a shame. When the altar constantly lack your income like seeds, tithes, offerings, missions support, building fund, you begin to dry up, dying without knowing it. 1 Tim. 6:6-17.
  5. Look at some churches building, when someone give a little money he feels he has sacrificed what none has done whereas they can finish their personal building in less than one year. What a disgrace to Christianity. This is why Turkey which use to be the most outstanding Christian nation has become an Islamic nation today, and even almost all the Mayors of different Counties in United Kingdom today are Muslims and very soon the Prime Minister of UK will be a Muslim. Even Nigeria with all their big churches and cathedrals, the Muslims are pushing towards the same area of Islamizing the nation. We are there arguing whether to pay tithe or not. What a disgrace to Christians, because we love money more than God and our lives. Mark 8:34-38.


  1. Ask yourself today, are you a true representation of the heavenly calling on your life? What have you suffered for the sake of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ? Can God Testify of you the way He testified about Abraham, Noah and Job ESPECIALLY WHEN PAYING TITHE IS A PROBLEM TO YOU? Gen 18:18, Job 1:8, Gen 6:9.
  2. The earth and everything in it shall pass away. 1 John 2:15-17. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul and Eternal life? Mark 8:36. Imagine a little thing like tithing makes you to disobey God. What will you tell God when you go to hell fire? Rev. 20:11-15. May be you think God is too demanding or too small to receive your tithe and you also made yourself too FOOLISH enough after hearing the word of God, to obey the devil and finally went to hell fire? When the altar constantly lack your income like seeds, tithes, offerings, missions support, building fund, you begin to dry up without knowing it. Mark 8:35-38.
  3. You are here on earth as a shining light to this sinful, materialistic, selfish, egocentric and carnal generation. Listen to this, "Matt. 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you." Listen to Col. 3:2 "Set your minds or affection on things above, not on things on the earth." Read all Col. 3:1-7 "To know that (COVETOUSNESS is IDOLATRY) and that it brings the wrath of God upon any Christian involved in it." Eph. 5:1-8.


  1. Any one who refuses to pay his tithe is an Antichrist. Why? Because he chose to disobey God willfully and to destroy the plans and programs of the church. 1 John 2:18-19, Neh. 13:10-14, Mal. 3:8-12, Mal. 1:6-8
  2. When other religions are waxing strong, taking over nations becuase their followers support them, but we the Christians accumulate money building houses in different places, buying cars, wearing costly super designed clothes, shoes, jewelries, bags, etc, it is a strong sign that we are ignorant, foolish and Antichrists, fighting against the gospel, Christ, the church and servants of God. Listen to this, a non tithe payer goes to hell becuase it is covetousness. Matt. 28:12-15, Heb. 10:26-31, Eph. 5:3,6.


Having heard all these teachings on tithing, you need to make up your mind to obey God and practice His word. If not, you are the most big fool ever in the history of man kind. Seeing and hearing the danger to come and yet you decided to fall into it and be destroyed because of selfishness, egocentric, love of money, greed and covetousness. When the altar constantly lack your income like seeds, tithes, offerings, missions support, building fund, you begin to dry up, dying without knowing it. Matt. 7:24-27, 1 John 2:15-17