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Church Membership, Tithes and Christian Worship - Part 6

TEXT: Numb. 18:6-32, Neh. 12:41-41, 1 Cor. 9:7-14, 2 Tim. 5:17-18

MEMORY VERSE: Numb.18:21 – “And, behold, I have given the children of Levi all the tenth in Israel for an inheritance, for their service which they serve, even the service of the tabernacle of the congregation.”


To understand that Christians have responsibilities toward God and man to pay their tithes, especially to maintain the servants of God. To know that the devil is happy when we disobey God, so that he can have the opportunity to do his work of destruction very well. Also to remind Christians that God will not be happy to see the devourer destroying his children because of their disobedience.


God was not happy when he saw that the children of Israel were not paying their tithes, and he rebuked them. Nehemiah was speaking on behalf of God concerning the work that was neglected. He also said that curses will come on the children of Israel when they disobey the paying of tithes and that the devourer also will devour. We will handle the types of problems that the devourer brings in the lives of people. Pay your tithes and be free from the plans of the enemy.


  1. This tithe teaching is for pastors, church leaders and members who believe that Jesus is Lord of everything that He has given to the church, which is His body. Also that He has the ministry of reconciliation, and that He expects His disciples to give regularly, generously, and proportionately to fund the work of the kingdom.
  2. This tithe issue is all about stewardship. “Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful” 1 Corinthians 4:2. Stewardship means that what we have does not belong to us; that our heavenly Father simply made us custodians of what we have. So if we are stewards, we are told by the word of God to be faithful. Look at how God treated these two people in the bible and many others you will see. Luke 12:20B – “But said unto him, THOU FOOL, this NIGHT thy SOUL shall be REQUIRED of thee: then WHOSE shall those things be, which thou hast provided.” Don't be a fool like this man, pay your tithe and pay it completely. Luke 12:16-21, Mark 10:17-31.
  3. Tithe paying is for pastors, church leaders and members who believe that giving a MINIMUM of ten percent of their income to the Lord's church is (A) Biblical, (B) Necessary to support God's ministers and the work, (C) It's an essential part of growing in Christ likeness, and (D) A total submission and commitment to the cause of Christ and His kingdom. When a pastor, church leader or a church struggles over paying tithe; ask yourself if such a person is truly converted to Christ. When flesh rules over your life, you become a slave to the material things of this world instead of being a master. Don't forget this, 1 Tim.6:7 – “For we brought NOTHING into this WORLD, and it is CERTAIN we will CARRY NOTHING OUT.” Think and think about this many times, before you continue eating your tithe. Ps. 49:6-20, 1 Tim. 6:6-10, Mark 10:17-31.
  4. Listen to this WE ARE NOT SAYING: We are not suggesting that the church members should tithe because they keep records on who is tithing and who isn't, or that the tithe is the beginning and the end of anything. No! We are emphatically saying, it's one aspect of a healthy Christian's discipleship and if you miss it or reject it, you are in disobedience. NO MATTER WHAT IS GOING VIRAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA AGAINST TITHING; DONT BE FOOLED. NO ONE WILL BEAR THE CONSEQUENCES ON YOUR BEHALF. Tithe is not a suggestion, it is real; it is emphatic. If you take close study of Heb. 7:1-28 you will see Christ as a Priest according to the order of Melchizedek collecting tithes in heaven FOREVER AND EVER. He can only collect them when they are given to his servants who serve him on earth. Jesus says, John 10:30 – “I and my Father are one.” John 13:17 Declares; - “If you know these things, happy are ye if ye do them”. John 13:13-16. Then where is your TITHE in his hands to bless you? Heb. 7:8.


  1. The devil is always happy when you give him a foothold over your life through disobedience. Who is this devourer? It is the devil and his agents. All he does against humanity is to cause you to sin against God and finally get yourself into hell. We are not saying tithe is your salvation; Christ has already died and cleansed you from sins, but when you walk in the flesh, you miss heaven. Gal. 5:16-26, Col. 3:1-10. Of course you know that covetousness is called IDOLATRY against God. When you refuse to pay your tithes you are IDOLATER. Don’t allow covetousness to stop you. Col. 3:5.
  2. The devil is happy when we refuse to pay our tithes and he makes us to pay them at the hospital. He lines sicknesses, diseases, demonic attacks etc. He brings accident, fire incident, arm robbery, business failures and many other problems. Why would you allow or prefer an unholy 100% with much pain and trouble, more than a holy preserved 90% with joy and happiness? Never take the word of God for granted. Read Mark 4:9, 23 and Matt. 11:15 “And he said unto them, He that hath EARS to HEAR, let him HEAR!” You have heard the word of God; it is left for you to do or to refuse. Matt. 7:24-27, James 1:21-25


There are so many false teachers and false prophets on social media today confusing and deceiving those that want to be deceived. Some while teaching on SACRIFICIAL GIVING, request some people to send seed to them, yet they condemn tithing. You determine whether to obey the word of God or to obey your flesh. No one can give more than God. If you stop breathing just as we are discussing this tithe issue, it is death and the only highest power we will call is God. Don't allow your character to drive God away from you. Read 2 Tim. 3:13 – “But EVIL men and SEDUCERS shall wax WORSE and WORSE, DECEIVING and being DECEIVED.” Will you allow yourself to be deceived? That is left for you! If not pay your tithes.