Wisdom Discovery and Study Center

Determination Conquers Impossibility - Part 1

TEXT: Luke 1:26-38

Memory Verse: 2 Cor 5:7 For we walk by faith and not by sight.


Life does not give you what you deserve, but it gives you what you desire and fight a good fight of faith to get. Michael Faraday one of the greatest scientist that lived on the face of the earth which was an instrumental to produce electricity never stopped at the opposing force against him, but battled over and over again until he attained his goal the electricity we enjoy today. IMPOSSIBLE is not a place to stop, it is a starting point to overcome. Determination conquers impossibility. Abraham never considered the deadness of his body neither that of Sarah's womb but believed until he got God's promise accomplished in his life. This promise is not only for him but also for us if we believe. Rom 4:17-24


  1. Do you really believe the prophetic word of the year, "MAXIMUM IMPACT 2017" If you do, you will do great EXPLOITS. The glory of your latter life will be greater than the former, you only need to believe God, be strong and work it out. If you allow God it will be possible. Haggai 2:3-9, Mark 9:23.
  2. God that created the world out of nothing, wants to do the same through you if you trust and believe in His word. Heb. 11:3-6, Jer 23:29. The Angel of God spoke to virgin Mary that she could have a child even though she knew not a man, she believed and it was done. What you see is different from what you believe, revelation is higher than reality. If you believe you will see the glory of God. The dead Lazarus came back to life because the sisters believed. That your vision for this year will come to pass just believe and WORK. John 11:17-44. Luke 5:3-7.
  3. What do you think is possible if the monies were there? You can still achieve it without money. If you believe in the God that made all things through his word, He will bring people that can support you to achieve it. Heb. 11:3-6. The Bishop and you are able to achieve great things this year if only both of you can agree and face God and his word with the heart of faith. 1 Cor 4:13-14.


  1. You can achieve anything if you want it, JUST BEGIN NOW. The Cathedral and The Muyuka Church has started again by faith and the speed of it is so much AND IT CANNOT STOP AGAIN UNTIL IT IS FINISHED. If you believe say a BIG AMEN. Rev. 3:7-8, Isaiah 22:22
  2. The real enemy of your faith is FEAR. No mountain can stand before you and overcome. MISSIONS AFRICA 2017-2020 is a mountain but it is a vision, it cannot overcome us, we will overcome it in Jesus name. Zech. 4:5-10. What do you think is the hardest thing to achieve on earth, attack it and you will see great results. 1. The Action Men must rise up and give so as to fulfill their Motto: Men On The Move. 2. The Royal Women must rise up and give to fulfill their Motto: The Wise And Compassionate Mothers and 3. The Anointed Youth must rise up and give to fulfill their Motto: Youth With A Vision. If we keep talking about Mission For Africa 2017-2020 without action it will be a mere day dream. Luke 1:37, Jer 29:11
  3. You are just at the level of your thinking, you can change things in your life if you want. Luke 1:34
  4. You are hindered by what you think and fear, stop running away from your challenges, face the TASK and you will overcome. Psalm 78:9-16
  5. Your fear produces your words and your words produce your greatest defeat. If God stands for you, then nothing can face you and win. Acts 5:17-29


  1. You cannot walk by faith if your mind and heart is full of fear. Faith and fear are the greatest enemies of life. Your faith can move any mountain and establish the greatest thing on earth if you stop this GIANT KILLER FEAR. 2 Cor 5:7. You can become a limitation breaker. If Elizabeth who was called BARREN could have a child, then there is nothing you cannot enjoy if you believe. 1:36-38.
  2. Your decision to succeed in life is God Inspiration within you, but the action is yours. You can force a horse to the water, but you cannot force it to drink the water. No matter how many years you have been in your trouble, your TEARS are not as important as your FAITH. Never allow anyone to distract you, strive and get what you want. Mark 10:46-52.


We have three major projects this year. If you believe we can achieve them together. 1. The Cathedral 2. Establishing the Muyuka Church 3. Establishing the Nigeria Church. Together we can do great things. Together we can win Africa. Together we can touch the world. January is gone and as we have entered in February every individual must rise up and begin to do something to achieve this vision. Every department must gather to discuss what they will do to make this vision real. Judges 6:11-16.