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Determination Conquers Impossibility - Part 2

TEXT: Rom. 4:17-30

Memory Verse: Rom 4:19 And being not weak in faith, he considered not his own body now dead, when he was about an hundred years old, neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb.


Abraham believed God in the midst of hopelessness and became the father of many nations. His body and the womb of Sarah his wife were already as old as dead, yet he believed that God can give them a child and they had it. That was determination in faith. You must learn to trust God in everything not man. Jer 17:5-8. What is Determination? It is a strong decision to achieve a particular thing in life or the ability to stand against every odds and challenges and still achieve the desires of your heart. Your mind set determines what kind of thing you produce in life. Every great project has an intimidating force as a GIANT, but when you see it as normal achievable project you see yourself emerge as a WINNER. Numb. 13:30-33


  1. Ten elders of Israel among twelve that were sent to spy the land God gave to them, saw themselves as grasshoppers, while Joshua and Caleb saw themselves as "ABLE MEN". It is not what you see thar matters, but what you think about it. How you see yourself in the face of challenges determines how you end up in life. Psalm 91:1-16. When we talk about "Mission Africa 2017-2020" the heart of some people cut, they forget it is God's project and not man. He will provide through anyone. You can develop a new MIND-SET through the faith in the word of God, when you do, you will rise to an enviable position. Numb 13:25-33.
  2. Many people have seen the height, the width, the depth and the length of poverty, yet they are doing nothing to come out of it. They sit down in one place and complain about their situation, yet others are moving forward, but they refuse to cry out for a change. No matter how the challenges look, do something godly about your state of life and receive the honour that God has designed for you. You must know that poverty cannot build our Cathedral, the Muyuka Church neither the Nigeria church nor even your life and family, but God transforms people and use them for his own glory. Do you have a personal project this year, pursue it and it will come to pass. Luke 7:2-10
  3. When blind Bartaemeus saw that he could not continue in his state of poverty as a beggar in rags, he began to cry out that he wants to receive back his sight. Though many challenged him to stop shouting but he continued shouting until Jesus heard him and he had his problem solved. 1) He wants to stop sitting beside the high way and start moving to higher heights of life. 2) He wants to see people and know what they are doing. 3) He wants to join successful people and become a success. Mark 10:46-52.


  1. By faith our Bishop started again the work of the cathedral this year with one trip of sand, since after then the work has not ceased. Many are giving their substance to continue the work and by the grace of God we will finish it. Abraham gave his son by God's request and that made him a friend of God, can you do what God has asked you to do concerning Missions Africa 2017-2020 as each year has a particular project to achieve. Luke 8:1-3
  2. If you are celebrated for one time support of the work of God and you stop there and run away, that is not enough. You don't have one shoe, one dress and you don't eat only once in life. Take charge - have dominion in life. If you always run away during project, you will always loose your position in life, fight until we win together. 2 kings 4:8-38


  1. Be the driver of your life, never allow any situation to drive you. Many allow challenges to have rule over them and they think that is how God has made them to be. Who is in charge of your life fear, worries, anxiety or cares of this life.etc. Be on the right lane of life in your thinking and you will always be a WINNER. No matter the STORM Jesus is in the boat of your life and family. Mark 4:35-41
  2. It is not how people pity you about your situation that matters, it is what you do about it. Begin with the small you have, then have faith for the big and you will get it. Listen to this "You may be born in poverty, but poverty is not born in you". No one has any reason to be poor. Deut 8:1-20.


I strongly refuse to be poor in Jesus name. I strongly refuse to die poor in Jesus name. I strongly refuse my family to die poor in Jesus name. I reject the spirit of poverty all around me. At the end of this teaching today, look for a sacrificial SEED and SOW to SEAL your confession, BUT IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT RIGHT THERE, YOU CAN DO IT ANYTIME THE SAME WEEK. Poverty is a DEADLY POISON KILL IT. Use your seed as the stone of David to kill this giant Goliath. May the Lord give you great and unlimited testimonies this year in Jesus name. 2 Cor 8:9, 2 Cor 9:5-11.