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Enemies of Christ and the Church - Part 2

TEXT: 1 Tim 5:24-25, 2 Tim.4:14-18; Numbers 16:1-50

Memory Verse: 2 Tim 4:14 Alexander the coppersmith did me MUCH EVIL: the Lord REWARD according to his WORKS.


The life we live on earth is all about seed, and every seed must germinate. If you sow good seeds, they will germinate good rewards, but if you sow bad seeds they will germinate and give you bad rewards. Having been in the ministry for more than three decades, I have seen the both sides of the ministry, both the sweet and the bitter sides of it. I have seen people rise like wild fire and quenched down in an instant. Several people think they can serve God in their crocked ways and still receive the right reward from God. You must decide to serve God with a right heart, be holy, be holy, be holy. 1 Peter 1:14-18


  1. The church is a holy place, the gathering of the saints of God, nevertheless it is a place for preparation for our heavenly home. What you allow in your life remains, but what you allow the word of God to uproot from you will go and you will be free. God does not force anyone to change, if you want his word will transform you. It is a personal decision. You can purify yourself. 1 John 3:1-12.
  2. Some people when they see that they don't want to change or to follow divine instructions, or sometimes when their personal desires is no more in accordance to God's word, they leave the church in rebellion and evil way, they try to draw others away with them, they use evil words, deception, they even try to help with money, all they want is to join you into their evil and also when their destruction will come you will partake in it for whatsoever a man sows that he shall reap. Num. 16:1-15, Gal. 6:7-8.
  3. God's holiness cannot be under estimated. When people do evil and think that nothing can be done about it, God never joke with his standard. When you do evil and refuse to come out of it immediately, you pay so dearly for your wickedness. Numbers 15:32-36.
  4. Some people in the church that claim to be born again are agents of the devil. They pretend, but they are lions in sheep clothing devouring the church. Some come in and look for rich people, they borrow money and never pay back and too soon they leave the church with paying the money. Prov 6:16-18, Prov 14:12, Prov 11:20-21
  5. Some will say they want to marry a girl and too soon they sleep with that girl since some are so desperate and sometimes with many other girls and finally will dump them and go, sometimes those girls will abandon their faith while some pick up courage and continue in faith, but sometimes it is because those girls will never hear godly counsel from the servant of God. Don't forget "He that does not hear, hears by hard feelings, pains or wounds. Isaiah 1:2-9,16-20.
  6. Some will cause confusion, division and destruction as we have seen recently in our ministry. Sometimes mostly during marriages in so many churches, many people have destroyed the church because of their personal gain and desires. They use their mouth against the church and God's servants just for personal interest and gain, but their evil reward is waiting for them if they repent not. Prov. 17:13, Prov 16:18, Rom. 16:17-18.


  1. Some people help the devil to accomplish his mission against the church, their life, family and business. Most of these evil are done in secret during personal visitation or personal discussion. A little open door they will give to the devil gives him a great foot hold to cause disaster in the church. Not every visit are godly visit, out of some visits comes evil words, evil discussion, evil plans and finally they cause destruction upon your lives, family and finally the church. Eph. 4:27; Luke 21:32-36.
  2. There are many deceivers today who parade themselves with the title Christian, pastor, prophet, apostle, evangelist etc, but their mission is to destroy the faith of many who have believed the gospel. They are pythons not pastors, they are thieves and not teachers of God's word. They come to swallow you and your properties and finally destroy your future. Matt.24:5; 9-12; Matt.24:22-25.
  3. Never allow anyone in the name of Christian or pastor to use sweet words to snatch your soul to hell fire. They come with the bible and sometimes claim to have seen some visions,prophecy or revelations that concerns you. They will say, I have a special prayer to pray for you. All these are lies and deception against the gospel of our Lord. If you are ruled by dreams, prophecies, revelations, visions and not the word of God, you are lost forever because too soon the devil will be in charge of your life and family. 2 Tim. 3:7-14; 2 Peter 2:17-19. Col. 2:6-10.


  1. You can never advance in the gospel when you oppose or stand against the church you belong to or the leadership. Immediately you find yourself speaking against or opposing the church of Jesus Christ or the leadership, you are directly fighting against God, because Jesus is the head of the church. Psalm 105:12-15; 2 Peter 2:12-22.
  2. Reject anyone that comes to speak against the gospel, your church and the leadership for such is a witch. You cannot see demons or the devil physically, they are spirits, they possess people and use them. Rom. 16:17-18.
  3. People easily open the door of their mind and heart for the devil to attack their life, family, business and then if they are attacked the church is attacked. Then there will be all kind of problems, sickness, financial trouble in the church. Be warned never have company with such witches that call themselves Christians or pastors yet oppose the church of Christ. If you are comfortable with anyone who speaks evil of your pastors, elders, deacons, deaconess, spiritual leader, the wife or your church, you are not different from them. Numb. 12:1-6; Numb. 16:1-50; Matt.12:43-46; Luke 11:24-26.
  4. Never play with your soul no matter what is offered to you. You will seek it with great tears and may not come back again. The gospel is more than any material thing. Ask yourself is this material thing or money worth my soul?. Luke 12:16-21; Matt. 6:19-21.


If a person commits sin of fornication and pregnancy is involved, forgiveness may be given, but the consequences of that sin is right there. No one will suffer it but the person. We easily see God's forgiveness but we don't see the consequences of the forgiven sin. But if you destroy the church by words or character, you have caused destruction in then body of Christ, not just yourself. You may forget the past and still repeat the same because you are not careful, but the leaders, the pastor, the church will not easily forget it. Be extremely careful, you will pay dearly if you refuse to change and keep causing confusion in the church or the body of Christ. Mark 8:34-38.