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Enemies of Christ and the Church - Part 3

TEXT: 2 Sam 15:1-37

Memory Verse: 2 Sam 15:31 "And one told David, saying, Ahithophel is among the CONSPIRATORS with Absalom. And David said, O Lord, I pray you, turn the counsel of Ahithophel into FOOLISHNESS.


Most of the time when people serve their masters, they always think that rising to a place of honour in leadership, ministry or business is by force. Some are ready to kill and destroy their master to get their desire fulfilled. We have seen some pastors destroy many weak people to begin their church, but the end is always destruction. Absalom, Ahithophel and Judas tried this conspiracy against their masters and they were all hanged between heaven and earth and died. Will you like to die like one of them? I hope not! But you have to prove it by your attitude. Matt 27:3-10.


  1. Never choose to be like Judas who sold his master with a kiss. While Jesus spent years preparing him to be great, he spent years stealing from the ministry's purse and also spent years planning to kill his master until the day he did it, but he died in his wickedness hanging himself between heaven and earth and so shall it be to anyone who tries to do the same against spiritual leadership. Luke 22:2-6, Luke 22:47-48,54-65.
  2. Absolom was the son of king David, while his father was raising him and also doing his daily business as the king, he was daily planning how to dethrone the father and take over the throne. He was ready to kill the father, many people from the kingdom followed him, including the greatest counsellor or adviser of his father, but he died being hanged by God between heaven and earth, so shall it be upon all the enemies that fight and divide this ministry and think it is nothing. 2 Sam 16:20-23, 2 Sam 17:1-13, 2 Sam 18:6-18.
  3. Ahithophel was the greatest counsellor and adviser of King David, but he followed the rebellious son of David in his evil plans. His work was efficient in as much as he was doing it with king David, but when he deviated and went to Absalom foolishly and stupidly, everything about him was turned to foolishness according to the prayers of David. 2 Sam 15:31. He went home and hanged himself. Everyone that stands against this ministry and leadership will soon hang themselves in one way or the other. It is your choice to serve God with all your heart, following leadership instructions or you choose to allow yourself to be deceived and be destroyed forever. 2 Sam 16:23, 2 Sam 17:14-23.


  1. Miriam and Aaron were more elderly than Moses, moreover they were direct elder sister and brother, they saw Moses grew before them, and they thought they could insult him, they even compared their anointing with that of Moses, they insulted Moses for marrying the wrong woman, but they paid so dearly for their stupid error. Miriam became leprous and Aaron died shamefully later. Numb 12:1-16.
  2. Here was a man who only gathered fire wood on the sabbath day when there was not yet law against that. Moses enquired from God what should be done and He said kill him. If God commanded such a person to be stoned to death, imagine someone who has gone contrary to the laid down principles of God. Never think you are stronger than God, you will likely die when you keep on fighting against God or the church. Numb 15:32-36.
  3. Korah, Dothan and Abiram thought because they were levites and they had 250 famous, Princes and renowned with them that God can allow them to insult his servant Moses. When God lift you in a high position in the church, may be with social or financial greatness, and you begin to fight leadership you will surely perish for that act. Numb 16:1-40
  4. The congregation when they saw the leaders of all classes die, they also rose up thinking they have power over God's servant, they perished too. Would you not be wise and refuse to die foolishly like these ones. Numb. 16:41-50.


  1. When people leave a church with evil in their heart, all their heart desire is to see that ministry fall. They will go up and down asking those that remain, what are you doing there? Come out, but nevertheless their life always end destructively because they are fighting against the church of Christ. 1 Cor 15:33, Prov 14:12, Prov 11:18-21.
  2. The friend you keep in the church matters a lot. Who is your friend, does he inspire you to grow spiritually or does the person make you life to go down? Every little open door you give the devil in discussing divine principles of God in a negative way brings your down fall. Prov 26:20-28.
  3. Have you discovered that many people who want to do evil in the church don't operate openly? They do their evil secretly, because their work is darkness. They open the eyes of people in an evil way on things that does not matter. You cannot trust such people for anything. Though the leaders may not know or see them, but their lives and yours that discuss with them in the secret are in danger ready for destruction. Prov 25:18-19, Prov 21:15-16


Those who destroy the gospel, the church or God's servants die like dogs. Never join those kind of people. It may be sweet at the beginning but the end results is always destructive. Eccl.8:11-13, Prov 17:13, Prov 14:12.