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Enemies of Christ and the Church - Part 4

TEXT: 2 Theso 2:1-12

Memory Verse: 2 Cor 11:13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.


Let's look at the conclusion of this our teaching. Do you really think that hell fire exist? Do you think that a good God can take any of His creatures to hell fire for any reason? Maybe you don't know or believe; but listen to this question? Are you one of the pastors that destroys the work of God through your evil character or that uses demonic powers to do the work of God? Are you one of the Christians that makes the work of God difficult for pastors or some that vowed that it shall not be well with servants of God? If yes, you need to repent or you will suffer miserably both on earth and in hell fire. You may think you are working for God, but you are rather standing on the way of God, destroying the people of God, an agent of satan you are, for sure God will crush you one day. Rev 20:10-15.


  1. Many Christians and some pastors think because they are in the church, a big church, wonderful cathedral, having a big title or position that they can escape the wrath of God as they continue to do evil in the kingdom. Eccl 8:5-13.
  2. One of the greatest thing you need to do is to be careful the way you handle the things of God, we are in a time where people want to live the way they want. Nevertheless God is calling his children together, preparing them for his heavenly home. Are you getting ready yourself, knowing that we have a limited time on earth? 2 Tim 3:1-9.
  3. Many fathers of faith of today have deviated from holiness message and started preaching diluted and unguided grace. There is nothing with grace, it is the message of the cross, but today they preach grace without godly character. They believe and preach that when you are born again, you can now live the way you want, wear whatever you want, go wherever you want to go, do any kind of business, do whatsoever you want to do and grace covers you. This is rubbish, stupid, nonsense and hellish. 2 Peter 2:1-22, Jude 1:3-25.


  1. Nothing on earth is worth the life of a man. Listen, "That which you call an open door, can be your open grave" and "That sin that makes you happy in the secret will surely give you a public shame". What have you covenant your life to do? Good or Evil? You will have reward of each you decided to follow. You can see while others are supporting our project "Missions For Africa 2017, others are hoarding their money, what a mistake. Eccl 12:1-14.
  2. Riches, Money and great fame has destroyed many people today; but are those things bad? No, but it depends on how you get them. 1 Tim 6:7-17. It has made several people to deviate from their faith and right focus of following God. Listen, "If I have to sell my SOUL to Satan to be great in business or in ministry, that is RUBBISH; I don't need such greatness. Mark 8:31-38
  3. I recently attended a program where alcoholic beer was shared in the church, and the pastors quickly said, do not judge anyone. In another program, my presence stopped them sharing the alcoholic beer, but soon as I left the environment, they said, that holy man is gone. They began to drink. Is this the gospel? No way! You must have value for God and his word. Prov. 31:1-7, Prov 20:1, Isa 5:22-24, Prov 23:26-35, Isa 56:9-12


  1. There are so many Jezebels, Judas' and Absaloms' who destroy leadership today, they tell people evil things about their leader they defile their hearts. Judas and Absalom have died but the spirit that used them are still looking for those to use and kill. Would you like to be the next in line for destruction? Rev 2:19-29. Arise let's pursue the goal before you and win the race in the gospel. 1 Cor 9:24-27.
  2. If your life is attached to money and not to God, you will always be miserable, suffer heart attacks by diverse disappointments, and surely you will die before your time, because you get money any how, even when it is against God, others and your conscience. Any money that is not FOCUSED on doing the work of God will lead you to hell fire. 1 Tim 6:7-17, Acts 13:6-12.
  3. A lot of people deceive many today and are being deceived by others. We are in a time of falsehood, a generation where pastors and even Christians falsify prophecies, making it look truth. A time where people walk as real yet they are fake, false, dangerous and destructive by every standard of God? Yet many people follow them by hypnotism? 2 Tim 3:12-17, Acts 8:9-24. What shall we do about this? Be careful and follow your man of God if you found a real one. Help him fulfill God's projects. 2 Tim 3:10-11, Luke 8:1-3.


Miracles are not the most important thing we need, what we need most is God himself and His word. When God completely takes over our lives, then miracles and His provision becomes very easy, but when we desperately need miracles then we will fall into the lies of today. 2 Thesso 2:7-12.