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Evangelism At All Cost - Part 3

TEXT: Luke 9:1-2, Luke 10:1-12

Memory Verse: Luke 10:2 Therefore said he unto them, the harvest is truly great, but the labourers are few; pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send labourers into his harvest.


1. To know that at the beginning of the gospel there were few labourers, but today every Christian is a labourer. 2. While you are praying that God should multiply the labourers, you must know you are one of them. 3. To put in mind that Christ sent us to testify his love to people and the best way is to begin with our testimony. 4. Finally to know that the only way to evangelise is to share God's word to people but we must not wait until we know everything in the Bible before we preach.


Evangelism is very easy if someone has decided to reach the lost souls. You can begin with how Christ saved you. Share your former way of life and the peace you experience today after you have received the gospel of Christ. You also may invite the person to church and tell him what God is doing in your church and after the service the pastor or one of the leaders may lead the person to Christ. You can invite people you know very well to your house for the purpose of preaching the gospel to them. Seek direction from the Holy Spirit, he will guide you in so many areas to evangelise.


  1. The first thing is to desire to win the lost souls after reading or hearing the teaching on evangelism. Prov. 11:30
  2. Prayer must be the lifestyle of anyone who want to bring souls to the Lord. Prayer empowers your spirit, while reading increases your knowledge. Wisdom of speech matters a lot. 1 Thess. 5:17, Col. 4:6
  3. You must dress up very well, not seductive wears or abnormal wears, ladies arrange your hair, men have a good hair cut, finger nails well cut or arranged and deodorize your body before you go out to preach so that people never think you are a beggar. 1 Thess. 5:22, Prov. 4:5-8
  4. You need to brush your teeth and tongue, wash your mouth to avoid people perceiving bad odours from your mouth. 1 Thess. 5:23, Phil. 4:8
  5. You must pray for God to direct you to a particular person or if you already know someone, may be a colleague in office or business, neighbour, brother or sister etc you meet the person. Psalms 37:23
  6. You have to prepare yourself with some Scriptures as you know that no one goes to war without enough weapons to over the enemy. You get enough of God's word in case of questions. Acts 4:31, Col. 3:16, Col. 2:6-7


  1. You know that class attracts class except God specifically send you to some one. What do I mean, don't waste your time on someone who will spend all your time in argument. Acts 13:4-12
  2. When you meet someone people who are more interested in asking about alcohol, church or any particular thing that will bring strong argument, excuse yourself and go away with respect because you will waste all your time in vain. Acts 21:27-40
  3. It is always good to target those you know you can easily accept your words, not those that will intimidate you by anything at all. Acts 8:4-8
  4. If you are married and you want to meet a family, it is advised you go with your wife or husband, if not go with a friend to make you two. Mark 6:6-7
  5. Don't meet someone's wife if you are a man or someone's husband if you are a woman preaching the gospel alone at home, it is not safe except it is a mixed compound and you are preaching outside. Luke 10:1
  6. Know that the attitude of everyone are not the same. You must know how to speak to diverse individuals and sometimes the Holy Spirit direct your words towards their particular challenge and they will open up the more. Col. 4:5-6.
  7. If you meet those who are physically challenged or some sick people and the power of the Holy Spirit pass through you to heal them, that is another good beginning to winning their soul for Christ, though some people will still hold to their church more than Christ. Luke 10:8-9


As we are preparing people towards soul winning, you don't need to know it all before you begin to preach. You just need the zeal, the little knowledge of God's word and the obedience to go out and meet people and God will direct your steps to the right people. All you need is to be sure of your salvation and then you will begin to grow in the word of God. 1 Peter 2:1-3.