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Evangelism At All Cost - Part 4

TEXT: John 15:16, John 4:31-38, Luke 9:57-62

Memory Verse: John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that you should go and bring fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever you shall ask of the Father in my name, he at give it you.


1. To know that evangelism is not an option but an obligation for every Christian. 2. To also know that evangelism is very important and requires urgent attention. 3. To understand that every Christian is a potential evangelist or missionary for soul winning. 4. To put in mind that every unsaved person is an immediate evangelistic or missionary field to be exploited. 5. Finally to know that we are either helping Christ to fulfill his mission by soul winning or helping the devil to send souls to hell fire.


Christ said to his disciples in John 4:34, "My meat is TO DO THE WILL OF HIM THAT SENT ME, and to FINISH his work". What is your own food? Just to make money on earth? That is a misdirected vision on earth. It very disgraceful that that many Christians are only going about looking for money and material things, they have forgotten that this world will end one day. Listen again to Christ in John 6:38 "For I came down from heaven, NOT TO DO MY OWN WILL, but the WILL of him THAT SENT ME". Listen to this heart piercing statement in Luke 17:32 " Remember Lot's wife" what happened to her? She became a pillar of salt! Gen. 19:17,26, Luke 9:62. Please teacher ask your students to read this verses in the class.


  1. EVANGELISM NOT AN OPTION BUT AN OBLIGATION: We have said at the beginning of this teaching that evangelism is not an option but an obligation. So if anyone is not evangelizing such person's salvation is doubtful or the person is still in ignorance of why Christ came, or the person needs training as we are doing right now. Matt. 28:18-20
  2. HUNGER OR THIRSTY OF GOD'S WORD: When a Christian is not always hungry or thirsty of God's word, just know that such a person is far from the truth of God's word. When children are born, their hunger for their mother's breast milk makes them to cry! You can see how fast they suck the milk becuase they are hungry. Anyone who is not always hungry of God's word can not evangelise for he does not know the value. Matt.5:6, 1 Pt. 2:2, Heb.5:12-14
  3. CHRISTIAN ZEAL: The first thing that shows that someone is born again is that vehement zeal within the person. Sharing the good news of what Christ has done in his life to his friends and environs. If you spend a week without speaking about Christ to someone, then you are dead spiritually. You must be zealous. Luke 4:43
  4. LIVE A LIFE OF PRAYER: When you are prayerful, your spiritual eyes will always be open to see beyond the natural for specific directions. The gifts of the Holy Spirit will be imparted to you and they will be necessary tools for evangelism. e.g. You may meet a sick person, or while you are preaching demons can manifest, then they need to be delivered. Matt. 10:1, Mark 6:7,12-13.
  5. BE CONSCIOUS OF DIVINE DIRECTION: When you are directed by the Holy Spirit the work becomes very easy. There are people God has already prepared their hearts waiting for someone to speak to them. If you sincerely ask God to direct your steps he will give you the desires of your heart in evangelism. Acts 16:8-15.
  6. BE FULL OF FAITH: Have enough of God's word at your level. As we grow in God's word daily, our faith also increases in what ever we are doing. When you go out in faith after conversion, desire, prayer, power and zeal in the Holy Spirit, there must be results. Acts 6:8-10, Acts 9:1-25, Acts 13:4-12.


  1. EVANGELISM IS VERY URGENT: People are perishing daily. Can you imagine Jesus saying in Luke 10:4 "Salute no man by the way" It sounds crazy but that is how urgent the matter is! Distraction! There are so many distraction to the evangelism of today. Can you see how Jesus stopped the business of people and called them to join him in this business of evangelism? What can you sacrifice for the Gospel today? Matt. 4:18-22
  2. OUR EXAMPLE: Our Bishop and his wife will always remind us that they left Nigeria for Cameroon for soul winning and have suffered many things and are still suffering till today. Many of us are fruits of their labour, yet we are ignorant of their vision. Are we truly encouraging them for this soul winning? If we are truly out for souls, while we do our business, build our houses, increase in material things, we need to truly and sincerely sponsor evangelism through them. John 15:10-13.


The empty chairs in our church shows we are not serious in evangelism. 2. When we preach to someone especially in their house, we need constant Bible teaching until such is established. 3. We have to called the new convert constantly on phone or use other media available to send messages to keep them warm in the spirit. 4. Check their transportation, dresses, shoes, shirts, trousers, etc and change them if possible! Show them love and many will abide!!!! 1 John 3:15-19.