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Faith for Mega Laughter - Part 4

TEXT: James 2:14-26.

Memory Verse: “ James 2:26 For as the body is without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead".


1. To know that faith is very irrelevant without works; also to understand that you cannot say you have faith if you are doing nothing. 2. To know that the devil believe there is God, but he refuse to repent, that means he has no faith. 3. To finally understand that the work in the cathedral this year proves the level of faith we have as a church.


Jesus fed a great multitude, beside women and children with five loaves of bread and two fishes – Matt. 14:14-21. This is what we call faith, beside the multitude of women and children. Understand this; they may have been up to "FIFTY THOUSAND" but women and children were more in number and were not counted. Can this kind of faith happen again? Oh! Yes, it happens daily. When you hear this kinds of words "Phil.4:13, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" that means what God has done through others, he can do with you or through you. Go to internet, read about Michael Faraday, Lord Kelvin, The Wright Brothers and many others for their exploits of faith and you will see that God can use you too. Phil. 3:12-14.


  1. WORK ON YOUR MINDSET. Feed your faith to grow, Starve your doubt to death. The food of faith is prayer, the word of God, great testimonies and attainable projects. – James 2:19-26.
  2. HAVE THE RIGHT PICTURE: Your faith controls the image or the picture of where you are going to in any aspect of life – Luke 12: 16-19
  3. HAVE THE RIGHT DECISION: You need to be firmly resolute on what you want to achieve in life or this year. This is why the bishop is standing firm for the cathedral no matter who is discouraged or runs away. – 1 Chro. 4:9-10.
  4. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE? Your challenges can only come based on the level of what you want to achieve – Matt. 21:18-22.
  5. DETERMINATION CONQUERS IMPOSSIBILITY: Nothing happens until your determination is resolute; then your desire will design what you need and only then will you step out to achieve it – Habakkuk 2:1-3, Mark 11:24
  6. YOU CAN ONLY BE YOUR LIMITATION: Your limitation can only be caused by your doubt, unbelief, lack of persistence and faith to achieve great things. The devil cannot be born again, he has blocked himself because of pride. – James 2:19-20, Jer. 33:3.
  7. CHOOSE THE RIGHT FRIENDS: Life is made up of those you walk with. What you hear and see daily determine your direction and action. Wisely chose those who stay around you or speak into you. Rom. 10:17, Col. 3:16, Mark 4:23-24.
  8. REJECT THE FEAR OF YESTERDAY: The fear of yesterday's failures brings wrong direction, lack of action and too many other failures – Luke 5:4-6.
  9. MAKE STRONG FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD: Many people focus on life achievements WITHOUT God. When you want to succeed and remain in success, you must know that God has a portion in all you do on earth, and that is beyond your paying of tithes and giving of offering. THIS IS WHERE SACRIFICE COUNTS AND WORKS. Luke 12:16-21, Matt. 6:19-21.
  10. TAKE CARE OF SERVANTS OF GOD: Don't wait until your bishop or a pastor will come to you FOR A PROBLEM before you bless him. Take time out with your family visit the bishop or the pastor and be a blessing to him. Send him the little you can, call him send him money or through electronic medium. There will be a day you also will need the help of God's Servant no matter who you are. 1 Cor. 9:7-14, Gal. 6:6-10, 1 Tim. 5:17-18


  1. FAITH does not mean success without challenges or pains. What is the project you are facing now? Do you want to marry? Study more? Write a new book? Build a house? Buy a land? Train your children overseas? You can make it. Etc – Prov. 22: 29
  2. Nothing on earth resists the force of FAITH and as you insist on your vision they all bow and you become a winner and an achiever. Do you see our father fighting to deck the first section of our cathedral, it look impossible, some are backing off, but God remains God. – Mark 4:35-41, Mark 5:1
  3. Men that succeeded in diverse areas of life saw many challenges, pains, rejection but their FAITH refused to stop until they achieved their goal. Was Jesus attacked and resisted? Yes, but he got victory. George Weah became the President of Liberia after so many challenges. You too can rise to a position of dignity and honour. – Mark 5:2-20.
  4. Enemies are never the reason for failure no matter how many they are and rise against you. You can be your real enemy. Fear to move head is another enemy. Refuse the wrong information. Be strong! Be bold! Be courageous! Move into action and you will see the God of increase! – Luke 19:12-27
  5. Within some years now, our bishop has suffered so many things in ministry, some people left, some fight from within with critics, yet he lives as if nothing is happening to him. When you hear him talk, you will understand that there is a strange force within him generating his kind of faith. He completely refuses intimidation, discouragement and failure. Mark 9:23.
  6. The force of FAITH within you brings revelations and dreams into manifestations, no matter how difficult they seem. Do you see this vision called Dominion Faith, it will prosper no matter how many evil people that fight it. – Luke 18:1-8.
  7. Be committed to divine principles: Pay your tithes, give quality offerings, sow seeds on the altar, support the on going cathedral building? You will not regret being a Christian.


Once upon a time, All villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the People gathered but only one boy came with an umbrella, THAT IS FAITH. When you throw a baby in the air, she laughs because she knows you will catch her, THAT IS TRUST. Every Night we go to bed, without any assurance of being alive the next morning but still we set alarms to wake up, THAT IS HOPE. We Plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future, THAT IS CONFIDENCE. We See the world suffering, and marriages are breaking but still we get Married, THAT IS LOVE. The conclusion of it all, without faith it is difficult to be fulfilled in this life. Heb.1:1-6.