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Faith for Mega Laughter - Part 5

TEXT: Luke 19:12-27, Jer. 17:7-8

MEMORY VERSE: "Luke 19:12 He said therefore, A certain noble man went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return."


1. To know that you can become whatsoever you desire to be in life. 2. To understand that each time someone rises for a great project, that the enemies rise immediately to stop him. 3. To know that you can only stop where you want to stop in life, and not where your enemies determine for you. 4. To finally understand that success lies at action and determination of every man, no matter the gender or colour.


You may not know what steps to take right now in life to accomplish what GOD has put in your heart, but GOD knows the plan. By faith start making plans to succeed. If you will go beyond dreaming and get your faith working in the right direction SOMETHING GREAT WILL HAPPEN. God promises He will direct and lead you down the path of His favor. Prov. 16:9


  1. The ability of the mind to see, create or imagine before producing – Job 8:7.
  2. The ability to overcome challenges in the mind before facing them physically – Mark 11:24
  3. The mental ability to bring a SOLUTION to existing difficult issues – Mark 4:39-40
  4. Thanksgiving in advance: Ungrateful people always complain about what God has not yet done; instead of thanking him for the thousands of things he has done – Phil. 4:6-8. Mega Laughter is your portion if you adopt the attitude of Thanksgiving in advance.


  1. It is not by your might or power but by the Holy Ghost and faith working within you –Eph. 3:20, Zech. 4:4-10, 1 Cor. 1:25-31
  2. Be saturated with the great image of your God and the things He can accomplish – Isa. 41:10-14, Num. 13:30, Num.14:5-9
  3. Spend time read and meditate on the great things God has done in the Bible through people and what He is doing today and remember those people have “ONE HEAD LIKE YOU AND NOT TWO OR THREE”. You are just human like them – Jer. 33:3, Ps. 55:17, 22-23
  4. If others can make it and shine; your FAITH can make it despite the challenges and hardship of this life– Heb. 11:1-6
  5. Sharpen your FAITH daily with the words Christ and ideas of great ACHIEVERS in this world – Prov. 27:17, Eccl. 4:9-12, Prov. 22:29, 1 Chro. 4:9-10.
  6. Think right, speak right and do the right things. Never allow your environment determine what THINK, SAY or DO! – Prov. 18:20-21.
  7. Never allow the attitude of others stop you – Acts 4:13-31, 2 Sam. 23:8-23.
  8. In everything you do, “Forward ever and back never” must be your "motto" – Phil. 3:13-14, 1 Cor. 9:24-27


We all have promises we want to see come to pass. Most often, there is a time of waiting involved. Waiting on the Lord means that you are putting your trust and open in Him. You are not anxious or fretful. You are living with an attitude of faith, expectancy and preparation. And as you wait on the Lord, your strength is renewed to receive your miracle. Isa. 40:31