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Faith for Mega Laughter - Part 8

TEXT: Gen. 25:29-34, Gen. 27:1-40, 1 Cor. 1:25-31.

MEMORY VERSE: "Gen. 27:29 Let people serve thee, and NATIONS now down to thee: be lord over thy brethren, and let thy mother's sons bow down to thee: cursed be every one that curseth thee, and blessed be he that blesseth thee."


1. To know that a man of faith is unstoppable in life. 2. To know that faith makes things happen to you in a different way while others are suffering thinking how to come out with solution. 3. To understand that when God has pronounced you blessed no one can curse you and succeed. 4. Finally to understand that this life produces the level of input and strategies you apply in whatsoever you are doing.


While Esau was busy in the bush struggling, sweating, chasing and hunting for meat to get his father's blessings, divine provision was made for Jacob to get it without struggle. Yes, Esau was the first born, Esau was the one their father wanted to bless. But Jacob was the one Heaven backed up. And so Esau came late, right after the blessing had been given to another!!!

God will cause Heaven to back you up in all you set your hands to do. I pray that provisions will be divinely made available to you when needed, and that your faith will never fail in times of need. I pray you will never be late on the day you have appointment with destiny. Your faith will surmount all storms in Jesus name. Above all, I pray that nobody (firstborn, middle born or last born) will take your position from you. The crown God made for you will not fit another head. It will either be too big or too small for their head, yet it will be reserved for you in Jesus mighty Name.


There are always things that hinder us in life, but the more we are conscious of who we are in the inside, the more God open doors on his own without much effort. Your desires or projects will never die if you overlook these eight things. Phil. 4:6-8

  1. Fear – Fear is a mighty GIANT, when ever it is allowed in whatsoever one wants to do, it ruins that vision completely. So kill fear completely out of your life. Num. 13:1-3, 25-29, Num. 14:1-4
  2. Procrastination – Procrastination is a vision killer. When you always think there is more time than now, you see yourself growing old without achievement. John 4: 34-38
  3. Bad friends – Bad friends will suck your great destiny away and leave you with an empty life without success. 1 Cor. 15:33
  4. Laziness – Laziness kills not only our future and desires, it also makes our health to deteriorate. Laziness takes one from a little point of success to MEDIOCRITY and from that point to ZERO. Prov. 24:30-34, Prov. 26:13-16, Prov. 6:6-11
  5. Past failures – Living in the past failures of life is a terrible virus that eats one down every time you think of rising to do great things. So, it is important you surround yourself with information that will keep stirring your heart and mind to higher heights. Prov. 24:16, Ps. 34:19, Micah 7:8, Job 5:19-27
  6. Disobedience – Disobedience has killed so many people. When ever God finds disobedience in the life of someone, that person is automatically seen as a witch; or destiny destroyer. Many Christians are victim of this deadly virus. Ps. 78:7-12, Num. 14:19-24
  7. Lack of prayers – Prayerlessness is regarded are pride, thinking you can make it without God. When you pray, divine enablement is released into you for great actions. Ps. 55:17,22-23 Phil. 4:6-7.
  8. Lack of faith - How could Esau sell his birth right because of food. It was done in the secret but God saw it. Gen.25:29-34. Lack of faith is the mother of all failures. When you live in fear, you have concluded that nothing good will happen to your future. Num. 13:31-33


  1. Never belittle yourself – Remember God has invested divine enablement in everything he created. Esau sold his birth right, he belittled it. Gen. 25:29-34, 1 Cor. 1:25-31
  2. Reject fear completely in all you do, it will kill your vision. – Isa. 41:10-14, Num. 13:30, Num. 14:5-9
  3. Spend quality time in prayers continuously. Without prayers you are empty and nothing. – Jer. 33:3, Ps. 55:17,22-23
  4. Step out in faith and act, no matter the challenges ahead – Heb. 11:1-6
  5. Relate with the right people that will encourage you – Prov. 27:17, Eccles. 4:9-12
  6. Confess positive words no matter the situation. Your confession is your possession. – Prov. 18:20-21
  7. Overcome all hardship and move ahead – Acts 4:13-31, 2Sam. 23:8-23
  8. Press forward to the end. There will be challenges, but all things are possible to him that believes. – Phil. 3:13-14, Mark 9:23.


The Almighty God is your Anchor, with him you can arise to any level in life. He will not allow you to miss your divine direction. I pray for you this this day, you will not loose your anchor in the storms of life. The raging storms in this world will not consume you. The GOD that never fails will shield you. The Almighty God will arise and protect you from the billows of danger. He will give you victory over all challenges, triumph over all obstacles, and glorification in the full glare of people who have mocked you. When people lament of a casting down, you will glorify God for a lifting up. Your needs shall be miraculously provided for. Your blessings shall be made manifest and you will bless the lives of many. Your life is safe in His shadow. You will reach a safe harbour by the special grace of God , in Jesus mighty name.