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Grace for Mega Achievement - Part 1

TEXT: Gen. 12:1-3, Matt. 6:24-34, Jer. 17:7-8

Memory Verse: Matt. 6:33 But seek you FIRST THE KINGDOM of God, and his RIGHTEOUSNESS; and ALL THESE THINGS shall be ADDED unto you.”


To know that there is no mega achievements without mega kingdom commitment. To understand that how much you value God this year determine how much he will invest into your life. To put in mind that those who forget God in the first step of journey in this year will suffer much shame and disgrace. Finally to understand there is no failure if Jesus is the captain and commander of your life and program this year.


Once more happy new to every faithful and unfaithful member of this ministry. We said it this way becuase all of us know ourselves and the way we serve. Nevertheless, all of us can be faithful this year if we desire and work towards it. The year is just very fresh with divine blank checks that can be used to impact and change your life. You can make new decisions that will bring great success into your life and destiny, but never forget God while taking your decision. Sometimes we quickly forget God in quest of rushing into the new year for great achievements and we finally attract negative situations around us. This year will bring you mega achievements if you allow God to lead your way. God brought you into this year that you might ENJOY His goodness EVERYDAY on EVERY SIDE. But dont be selfish. Happy New Year. John 21:3-25.


  1. Never give your flesh nor the devil opportunity to rule or direct your life this year. You cannot serve two masters this year, it either you serve God first and you will see MEGA ACHIEVEMENTS or you serve your flesh and material things and see failures. Your desires will be fulfilled if you put God first. Abraham put God first and things changed in his favour. Gen. 13:14-18, Matt. 6:19-21
  2. The church is like a school where there are so many students, some serious in learning and some others playing. After exams you see some in the honour role, and others follow behind until you see the last mediocres, then the last persons and also some fatal failures to the point that their aggregate is completely nothing. Phil. 3:10-14
  3. You also discover that some students jump some classes because they are highly intelligent. The church is same, some come to play as failures while others are seriously listening, obeying and applying the word of God and they see results. When God saw the heart of Abraham, He called him for the greatest Blessing. Gen. 12:1-3. You will also see others who are so sacrificial in serving God like Abraham, they jump, run, fly and soar like eagle while others remain in complaints, choose yours today. But our desires is that MEGA ACHIEVEMENTS will not pass you bye. James 1:22-25


  1. Failure is not part of God plans for us, neither in our DNA from creation. It is illegal for the children of the most high God to live in any kind of bondage, the truth of our identity is that freedom is part of our DNA, we were not created, conceived or born in bondage and we should not tolerate any form of bondage.
  2. When fear, lies, hatred, greed, pornography, sexual immortality, selfishness, jealousy, envy, negative voices and judgment created by our minds, are allowed by us they will not only become a stronghold to us, they will be in control of all we do. Never allow your flesh to tell your spirit how to function this year because we are spirit being and cannot be controlled by the desires of the flesh. Gal. 5:16-26
  3. Nothing works when we fail to recognise the word of God as the highest authority in our life, even prophetic words are reduced to nothing by the flesh. When your spirit and mind are ruled by the word of God, automatically you are heading towards success and you will arrive. Joshua 1:1-9


  1. Prepare your heart this year to serve God. Many people don’t know the importance of commitment and service even in their relationship with servants of God. Deut. 6:4-6, 1 Tim. 5:17-18.
  2. Abraham never allowed any opportunity to give or serving God pass him without doing the right thing. Whenever you hear serving God, you cannot see Him except on the way you serve in the Church and His servants. Gen. 18:1-10
  3. We are admonished by God's word to serve him with ALL our heart, with ALL our soul and with ALL our strength. Does it mean some people serve God with their lips, but in their hearts and mind they are far from God? Yes even innyour church right here. Mark 12:29-31, Mk 10:28-31

Eight things we must DO to see MEGA ACHIEVEMENTS!

  1. Consider to attend all the services on time and have respect for God. Heb. 10:23-31
  2. Decide to change your old characters contrary to God's word – Matt. 7:15-27, Heb. 12:14-15
  3. Decide to pursue achievable goals that will not frustrate you. Don't engage in any project you know will not be affordable. Write down your desires for the year, pray and act towards them, you will God fulfilling them before you. Eccl. 9:10
  4. Decide to change your attitude towards giving. Giving is divine covenant between you and God. Giving speaks how much you love God sacrificially, not prayer and singing because anyone can do such. – Prov. 11:24-31
  5. Decide to increase your tithe as God increases your income, don't pay your tithes as if you are giving monthly contributions – Mal. 3:8-12, Matt. 6:19-21
  6. Decide to increase your service in the kingdom. For example make decision to be investing constantly in building the cathedral until it will finish. Always think on how to make God happy toward you and your family. – Phil. 2:12-13, Mal. 1:6-8
  7. Decide never to fight against your leaders and God's servants – Numbers 12:1-16, Heb. 13:7, 17.
  8. Decide to wins souls this year and support our cathedral as never before – Matt. 24:14, Mk 16:15-20, Rom. 10:13-15

Four Things That Will Happen To You In MEGA ACHIEVEMENTS!

  1. Your captivities will be turned around and it will bring joy. People will come around to celebrate you. Psalms 126:1-6
  2. The Lord will give you rest from all unproductive labours and will strengthen your family mightily. Psalms 127:1-5
  3. You will be baptized with a lucrative job, good cars; success in academic life, lovely marriage, outstanding buildings, lands, material blessings and you will eat and rejoice in the labour of your hands. Psalms 128:1-6.
  4. God remains Who he is for you. He will never change, neither will he abandon you. You are in for MEGA ANSWERS that bring MEGA ACHIEVEMENTS. Heb. 13:5-6. Heb.6:10-20, 1 Cor. 15:58


In all you want God to do this year, you have your own part of business in it. You must believe God and live rightly and then see God fulfill his part. Joshua 1:1-9. Your thinking this year must change from negative to positive. Your thought determines your confession, and your confession produces your godly behaviour and finally the glory of God will shine upon our life. Isaiah 45:1-3. Get ready for other teachings that will get your prepared to get your mega achievements. Happy year and happy new month of mega testimonies.