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Maintaining A Strong Spiritual Freshness After A Fast - Part 1

TEXT: Ephesians 6:10-24, 1 Peter 5:6-10

Memory Verse: "1 Thesso. 5:17 Pray Without Ceasing"


Most of the time people tend to think that after fasting the next thing is to relax and rest. They forget one thing that the enemy of our soul is roaring like a lion seeking who to devour. Nevertheless we don't live our life in fear, but rather we get connect to God through prayer, praise, worship, giving and studying the word to maintain a strong and standard christian living. Keeping on pressing until the reason for your fasting is accomplished. Jer 17:7-8.


  1. It is God's desire that from time to time, we retreat and stay out of the public to seek the face of God alone. It is like an automobile that has exhausted it petrol, it has to go to a petrol station to be refilled, at that time it is out of duty and alone until it has been refilled up again. Luke 6:12
  2. After a long fast, the body is very weak but the spirit is so strong, but there is this tendency that the body want to relax and rest too long thereby staying out of fellowship with the saints. This is satan's strategy to get at us and stop the fire burning. Heb 10:22-25
  3. Sometimes during a long fast, there are things that may happen both to our body and our environment that want to distract our attention from the purpose of the fast. Every fast is FOCUSED at achieving a particular thing, but the devil uses certain things to distract us thereby making us to be weak and start looking at those challenges instead of looking at the plan of God for us through that fast. 1 Peter 5:8-9; Phil 4:6


  1. Develop a tradition of prayer life, Jesus Christ our Lord who came directly from heaven maintained a strong relationship of prayer life with His Father, knowing that the only source of His strength is God. No matter the level of miracle you are enjoying today, always make time alone with God or you will dry up. Mark 1:32-38
  2. After fasting, keep the fire burning constantly through prayer so that you will always be connected to the throne of God's grace. Choose some hours of prayers and stand strong on them. Make strong appointments with God and stand firm on them except in exceptional cases, you can still change the time and tell God the next time you are meeting with Him. Psalm 55:177
  3. Never spend much time unnecessarily talking with friends and forget your relationship with God. How do you feel when you have important appointment with someone and the person missed it and yet did not care about it, and some other time the person does the same thing and still make a fool of you, would you be happy? Prov 6:6-11


  1. Look for a vision that will keep your FAITH burning until your goal is achieved and you shift attention to other attainable goals that will still keep your faith burning. Eccl 9:10, Eccl 10:15-17
  2. A fasting without giving is not a fast. Fasting and prayer attracts the attention of God, but your seeds or giving strengthen your relationship with God. Love without giving is an empty love. Remember that prayer, praise and worship is like rain coming on a fertile ground but when there is no seed, both the rain and the fertile ground are wasted because there is no activator which is the seed or your giving. Read 2 Cor. Chapters 8 and 9 all through the month of March, write what you understand about giving and give it to your teacher to discuss them in the next class. 2 Cor 9:6-15.
  3. At the end of every fasting, as you maintain your freshness in prayer, praise and worship, you must not forget that as the bone is the physical strength of the body which God mysteriously placed in man and as the body is dead without the spirit even so your seed or our giving is the strength of our relationship with God. Eccl 11:1-10. The church this time will contribute and visit the orphanage, the widows and their children, be a part of it. Isaiah 58:1-14.


Build a strong relationship with God after this this fasting, make sure you are always in the fellowship of the saints. Don't forget Missions For Africa 2017. Don't forget our THREE MAJOR GAOLS OF THE YEAR. 1. The Cathedral 2. Building the Muyuka Mini Cathedral and 3. Establishing an elegant church in Nigeria.