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Maintaining A Strong Spiritual Freshness After A Fast - Part 2

Text: Gen 26: 1-29, Job 14:7-9

Memory Verse: "Jer 33:3 Call unto me, and I will shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not"


Dominion Faith is moving forward and upward to her target everyday since we know "No Food For Lazy People"!!! We need to work hard and gain more from the Lord, every individual must arise to the target of success!!! Let no one sit down and complain hence God has promised to be with us, spectators sit down but participants work hard and achieve their goal!!! Prov 24:30-34. Find the solution to your challenges of life and achieve your dream to the fullest through total submission to the word of God!! Isaiah 41:10-16.


  1. In the days of Abraham there was great famine, and that made him to go down to Egypt to survive which really cost him almost his life, his wife and all he had if not for God's intervention. Gen 12:10-20, Gen 13:1-4.
  2. Everyone has some times of challenges in life, but that is not a time to go backward, but rather a time to press forward and upward towards God. Heb 10:26-39. The temptation of going down to Egypt in times of need and temptation is like going back to the world and take back what we have rejected. Egypt will cost you may be your life, family or all your possessions. Never try it. 2 Peter 2:20-22, Prov 26:11
  3. No matter the pressure of life, no matter the trials around you, no matter the opposition, no matter the numerous challenges, no matter who rejects or forsake you, never give heed to negative voices that comes up in your mind, nor follow the counsels of the ungodly around you. The cloud may be full of darkness affecting the light that men may not see, but very soon the rain will fall and the weather and atmosphere will be bright again. 2 Cor 1:3-5; Psalm 30:5-11, Phil 4:6-8.
  4. When a man faces seemingly some unstoppable challenges, even the most foolish and ignorant person will want to counsel him, but one thing is sure that after we have prayed, fasted, praised, trusting the Lord to work in our life, we never give up, for He that created us has a purpose and mission for our life. 1 Peter 5:6-10.


  1. When Isaac was faced with famine, God specifically spoke to him never to go down to Egypt, but rather to dwell in the land he will show him. In that same land Isaac did what God told him and prospered until the owners of the land envied him, even though they fought him with their last breath but they failed and sought allegiance. Maintain your connection to God and you will soon laugh. Gen 26:12-22.
  2. God never speaks until you are faced with great challenges of life. Your faith is meant to resolve challenges. When the challenges comes too hot and insurmountable, don't think the end of the world has come, but rather think on how to rise and walk on those challenges and very soon the mountains will bow. James 5:10-11. God spoke to Abraham to "LOOK UP and AROUND the world, East, West, North and South, when Lot took the best place and was separated from him and said "TO YOU WILL I GIVE IT, INCLUDING WHERE LOT HAS TAKEN. Is God not wonderful? God will show up in that you case. Your case is different. Gen 13:7-18.


  1. Elimelech took his wife Naomi and two sons and left Bethlehem in Judah and went to the land of Moab for better life thinking that God has forsaken or left his people, but he lost his life and two son leaving his wife miserable. One day Naomi HEARD THAT GOD HAS VISITED HIS PEOPLE. People will soon hear about God's visitation in your life after this fasting. Your testimony will soon appear like others. Ruth 1:1-14., Psalm 40:1-5
  2. God will always raise people like the roots of a tree to sustain you in times of challenges. The trees face challenges like men too. The leaves may fly away after taken from it to shine, the fruits may fall out and rotten after sapping it, the branches may break out after using it, but the roots are always there bringing sustainable resources to the tree. Ruth sustained Naomi like the roots of a tree. No one sees the roots but they work a lot to supply the need of others. Some members or friends are there as much as they can get from you, but they leave you when they get what they want. Who are you in Dominion Faith among these, the leaves, the fruits, the branches or the roots. Ruth 1:15-22, Ruth 1:1-23; Job 14:7-9.


Challenges are real but the revelation of God in you is higher than the reality of any problem. No power on earth can uproot what or who God has planted. Wait for your miracles they will soon appear. Psalm 27:1-14.