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Information Leaders Weapon

TEXT: I Tim. 4:13; II Tim. 4:13; 2:15


One of the low points of the church leaders is lack of relevant, timely and practical information. Too many leaders are carrying out ministry with yesterday’s information.It is not enough to receive the call, you must be properly informed.

If we fail to be properly informed, we will be trapped in yesterday’s ways and our churches will be too backward to win the people of today.

God will reject the leader who rejects knowledge. (Hosea 4:6). A leader after God’s heart must be knowledgeable and rightly informed - (Jer. 3:15). Scripturally, every God given leader must possess the right information so as to lead the people aright.


Leaders of the church today must face the reality of 21st Century ministry. Ministry 30, 40 years ago is quite different from that of today. What it takes to be a church leader then is quite different today. Check this:

  1. Larger percentage of people is youths and young adults today.
  2. Trends, perceptions and views are changing.
  3. Change is happening so rapidly today
  4. The age of information is here with us.
  5. The world has become a global village.
  6. Technology is moving at a furious pace e.g computer, internet, e-mails, electronic transfer, GSM, Tele-conferencing and text messages.

These challenges are fast changing our ministry world. While we hold on to the unchanging gospel, we must preach it to a fast changing world, and that requires the right information.


One piece of information can change your failure to success. Right information will help you in no small measure. Right information will make people listen to you. People listen to you because of what you know.

  1. Right information will transform you.
  2. Right information will challenge you.
  3. Right information will propel you.
  4. Right information will encourage you.
  5. Right information will motivate you.
  6. Help you to work with ease.
  7. Help you to be on top of every situation
  8. Help you to move ahead easily.
  9. Turn your barrier to breakthrough
  10. Turn your struggling to success
  11. Help you to work with confidence and boldness.

However, without the right information, the following will be your portion.

  1. Ministry will be difficult
  2. Hard work but little fruit
  3. Trial and error method
  4. Uninspiring leadership
  5. Inability to meet needs
  6. Insecurity and inferiority complex
  7. Old, archaic and out-moded methods.
  8. Fruitlessness and barrenness
  9. Suffering and smiling

Exo. 18:14-26.

Seeing God face to face does not mean you do not need fresh and relevant information. Moses got from Father Jethro what God did not tell him. Yesterday’s information is not enough for today. You must constantly seek for new and current information that will better your ministry. How?

  1. Cultivate a learning spirit. If you are willing to learn, you can go to any level.
  2. Seek and hunger for information. Learn something new everyday.
  3. Conferences, seminars and training – what you will get in them, you may not get else where.
  4. Specialized courses – get informed and become an expert in your field.
  5. Books, tapes and resources – every information you need has been written in a book. Read, read and read again.
  6. Discipline yourself to think – you cannot rise higher than your thoughts.
  7. Load yourself with lots of good stuff – learn until you become a reservoir of God’s knowledge and wisdom. What you fill your mind and heart with is what will flow out of you.

Become the leader that people will gladly come and listen to. For you to speak pure gold that people are willing to come and pay for takes lots of hard work. And yet without it, your ministry is no where. If you have nothing to give, people will stop coming to you and nobody will keep inviting a fumbling, empty but noise-making leader.