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Kingdom Leaders and Leadership

TEXT: 2 Sam. 23:8-23


The Values, Policies and Constitution of the kingdom demonstrate difference from that of other kingdoms when it comes to leadership. The Kingdom discouraged fighting for position, titles and self-imposition rather the Kingdom allowed the leader to emerge by calling.


Psalm 78:72; Matt. 20:25-28; 2 Sam. 5:1-2; 23:2.

In the kingdom, great values are placed on leaders and leadership. Leaders are personal, while leadership is the style employed to lead.

  1. In the Gentile kingdom, leaders use their leadership to oppress, dominate, enrich themselves, subjugate and torment the people, but in our kingdom, leaders and leadership is servanthood.
  2. Kingdom leaders receive vision from God and influence their people to willingly embrace the vision and jointly work to bring it to reality. Kingdom leaders lead by divine vision – not ambition. - Prov. 29:18; Acts 26:19.
  3. Kingdom leaders are spiritual giants who undergird their leadership by the strength of their spiritual life. Not secular, carnal and worldly minded. You only lead others out of the outflow of your life and who you are.
  4. Kingdom leadership is not position, title, age, class, status, degrees and hierarchies, but vision, impact, character, heart for God and contribution to others.


2 Sam. 23:2; Matt. 20:25-28

Kingdom leaders are primarily men and women who know Christ intimately, have power of Christ and can subdue kingdoms in His name and power. Kingdom leaders take territories of hearts, communities and nations for Christ. Kingdom leaders are spiritually mature disciples who empower, equip, enable and allow others to rise up and take territories for Christ by their gifting and graces (Heb. 11:33-34).


  1. LIFE- Lead yourself well first; (1 Tim. 4:16). You can’t lead more than you lead yourself.
  2. LOVE - Love is the foundation of kingdom leaders. Love for Christ, His church, His work and His people.
  3. LIFT- Using your leadership to lift, not limit others.
  4. LOOK- He looks clearly to see God’s vision. Sees before, more, higher and deeper than others. - Gen. 13:14-15.
  5. LADDER- Allows him or herself as ladder for others to climb up.
  6. LIBERATION- Your leadership must bring fruitfulness, liberation, freedom to others.
  7. LOCATION- Kingdom leaders know their ministry location and territory. They work on their ministry strength.
  8. LABOUR -Kingdom leadership is about toil, sweat, production and harvest. - Luke 19:10.
  9. LEGACY- Work to leave godly legacy not inheritance in and for people.

Every kingdom leader develops his or her ability to lead every now and then. Your ability to lead is not static; it is either increasing or decreasing. God will only allow you to lead according to your leadership ability. - Exod. 18:18-21.

If you fail to hone, sharpen and develop your leadership skill, your impact will be limited. (1 Cor. 3:10). God will never give you more than you can handle.


The following are true marks and traits of those who have grown to become kingdom leaders for Christ:

  1. Kingdom leaders have massive fruits of the Spirit in their lives. Their godly characters undergird their spiritual life.
  2. Kingdom leaders lead up to higher ground of God’s power, grace, renewal, refreshing and spiritual vitality, not down to sin, evil and apostacy.
  3. Kingdom leaders are full of the Holy Spirit. They operate in the five-fold ministry gifts to advance God’s kingdom in partnership with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Kingdom leaders see and pursue the vision of the whole world as a mission field, not just their local church.
  5. Kingdom leaders teach, establish and defend the sound doctrines of the Bible in the Body of Christ.
  6. Kingdom leaders are apostolic leaders who move in signs, wonders and raise kingdom disciples to do same for kingdom expansion.
  7. Kingdom leaders invest in expanding the frontiers of God’s kingdom into every territory through crusades, church planting, soul winning efforts, church health and discipleship.
  8. Kingdom leaders turn the world right side up, not just impacting few people. They bring the kingdom of Christ to communities and people.
  9. Kingdom leaders are competent, credible and impactful leaders whom the pleasure of the Lord prospers in their hands – Isaiah 53:10