Wisdom Discovery and Study Center

Making Maximum Impact (Part 1)

TEXT: Matt 13:44-46

Memory Verse: Luke 14:28 For which of you intending to build a TOWER sitteth not down FIRST and COUNT the COST whether he HAVE sufficient to FINISH it.


No freedom is free, so no GREATNESS is free. So if we must make the best of our life this year, we must rise up on our feet to meet the demand. For Jesus to be the King of kings, it cost him sacrifice, even his life. If you want to move to the next level of honour and dignity THIS YEAR, it requires extra work and strength, then favour will follow it. Every desire for MAXIMUM IMPACT must cost you something. This year, you can RISE TO ANY LEVEL if you are ready to fight and get your freedom at all cost. You are born to be GREAT, chosen to MAKE MAXIMUM IMPACT, so move to your ZENITH IN LIFE.


  1. Every journey begins with a thought. What is in your mind to achieve this year? Enlarge it, give it what it requires and you will see it come to pass. Eccl. 9:10; Eccl. 10:18
  2. Begin to design your vision by your dreams. What kind of image comes into your mind, develop it if it is great to make maximum impact. Gen. 39:9; Psalm 132:1-5
  3. God works with those that are ready to work. What do you call what God has given you to achieve on earth. We walk by faith not by sight. Gen. 2:19-20, 2 Cor 5:7
  4. You can only become what you think and plan. One year is enough to change your entire destiny. This is that year you can make it happen, begin right now after reading this teaching. Job 32:11-12; Gen. 2:15


  1. Your imagination this year determines your destination. Whatever image you give attention, give you direction. You may look like nothing, but the supernatural finger of God is ready to transform you. I Cor 1:25-31
  2. Whatsoever you desire is possible if you work on it. No one can build a tower if he is not determined. God told me that one man with his treasure can turn a great forest to a wonderful city. You can be the person if you determine to do so. Luke 14:28-35
  3. If you are ready to do great things, God is ready to support you. When you are on divine course no matter how great it is, you can make it when God says yes to it. Gen. 11:1-7
  4. God speaks when men are ready to obey. Stand firm to pay the price this year no matter how great and achieve what you want. Fasting, Prayer, Giving, Missions and Missionary Support, Tithing etc. Matt. 13:44-46; Matt. 13:31-32;
  5. Strive until you get what you want in life. Existing is different from making impact, but here we are talking about MAXIMUM IMPACT. Obey God and you will see it come to pass.1 Chro. 4:1-10


  1. The best of you is yet to come, strive for it and get it. Give yourself to your project and you will see God fulfill your heart desires. Prov. 22:29
  2. Never back off from any vision because it is difficult, because God is not yet finish with you. Many disappear before their miracle appears and some others easily forget what God has done for them. Are you one of them. Ps. 78:9-12
  3. When you stick out your neck for a vision, God works in you to accomplish it. Fear fears you when you rage like a storm to achieve any goal. Esther 4:16-17, Esther 5.
  4. Give your life for what you want and you will get it. Many run away when it is time for sacrifice, yet what they desire is greater than the price to pay. John 15:13, Mark 10:17-31
  5. If others could have their vision fulfilled, you too can do it. Whenever God wants to do a new thing on earth, He looks for people who do not reason according to their old feeling or failure. Some people come to a church new and miracle happens immediately because they have a fresh mind and they are ready to do anything for God to achieve their goal, while others sit down and complain. Isa. 43:18-19


  1. If you say yes and move ahead, no power can stop you. James 1:21-25
  2. Everything is possible when you decide what God wants us to have, but nothing is possible until you reach out for it. Luke 19:12-15
  3. Procrastination and laziness are good friends that kill great visions. Don't just say I have a vision do something about it. Eccl. 9:10; Eccl. 5:12, Prov 24:30-34.