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Passion for the Kingdom (Part 2)

TEXT: Neh. 6:1-9, Psalm 49:1-20

Memory Verse: "Neh. 6:3 And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I AM DOING A GREAT WORK, so that I cannot come down: WHY SHOULD THE WORK CEASE, while I leave it, and come down to you?"


Every time you step out to do great work for the kingdom of God, the powers of darkness in their forms and shapes will rise up to stop you, even human beings possessed and empowered by demons rises up to stop the work. Every great work attract great persecutions. The devil is not tired of fighting against the children of God, so it is not us who should be tired of wagging war against him. The kingdom business must be fulfilled, accomplished and completely finished. 2 Tim 3:10-14, Acts 13:13-16,45-52.


God pays everyone according to his labour on earth. In this world, someone's salary can be tampered, but not in heaven. Remember you are not ending in this world, you are eternal spirit, work for the coming Kingdom.

  1. Stephen was a deacon chosen to serve food but he saw that his work must go beyond serving table. He gave his life for the kingdom work until he was the first martyr that made Jesus to stand in heaven after his resurrection. God is in search of those that will make heaven happy by every means available. Acts 6:1-15; Acts 7:1-3,54-60, Acts 8:1-2.
  2. Many people easily turn away from God immediately if there is a little opposition or challenges on their way. The early Christians faced persecutions but instead of hiding themselves they scattered everywhere preaching the gospel of the Kingdom. Will you be ashamed of the kingdom and still prosper in the kingdom. Acts 8:3-8,26-40, Acts 9:1-43, Mark 8:35-38
  3. God knows we only have short time to live on earth even when He promised us long life. Psalm 91:14-16. No matter how many years you live on earth, it is not comparable to eternal life where we will live for all eternity. So whatsoever good you do now is for your eternal home after you leave here. Matt. 25:14-30, Eccl 12:1-8.
  4. How valuable is your riches, value it with your "YOUR SOUL." This man was running searching for eternal life, he needed to enter the coming KINGDOM. Yet he was VERY SAD because his earthly riches was needed for the Kingdom purpose. He saw eternal life, but he exchanged it with material things, are you going to do like him. Mark 10:17-31, Matt 25:31-46


Once a man leaves here, he cannot correct his account in heaven. Whatsoever you want to do to update your account do it right now.

  1. Most of the time people are very sober at the burial place when they see a dead person being lowered into the grave. They quickly think about themselves and after few minutes or days they will forget. Listen to this, God is the owner of our life and this world, He determines the end of every thing. Eccl 8:5-12, Prov 27:1, Prov 29:1
  2. Missions For Africa is now. Operation Conquer a Nation for Christ is now. Operation Conquer a City for Christ is now. Missions at all Cost is now. Missions is our vision. Where are you going to be involved. The only sound you can hear in the heart of God is Souls, Souls, Souls, go and win Souls. What you are seeing and hearing in the world today, does it not look like the end of the world is at hand? Matt 24:1-14.
  3. Heaven and earth shall pass away, your cars will pass away, your lands will pass away, your houses will pass away, your money in the bank will pass away, but the words of the Lord which you are despising today will not pass away. Think about this and behave yourself. Matt 24:35-51
  4. Are you one of the wise virgins in the church who are laboring and preparing themselves for Christ or are you one of the foolish virgins who are doing nothing yet waiting for coming of the Lord. How much did you spend in this convention that will prepare souls for heaven and also win new soul to make heaven happy. Matt 25:1-13, Luke 15:11-32.


Your soul is eternal but your treasure is temporal. Never play away your life with physical things that have no value in the coming Kingdom.

  1. I know the worst thing you don't want to hear is "Thou Fool" of course that is why we teach every day so that you don't hear such thing. But it depends on you. You can take the horse to the water, but you cannot force him to drink water. Luke 12:13-21, Matt 6:19-24
  2. Where is your fruit? God is ready to cut down every unfruitful tree. According to the word of God, you have the grace of one year to do the right thing. Luke 13:6-9, Matt 3:1-10


The opportunity you despise today may cost you what you will never like. Let not the word you hear bring curses and judgement, allow it to bring change and blessings in your life. Matt 11:20-24