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Becoming A Hero Where Many Have Failed

TEXT: Esther 4:1-17


1 Samuel 17:1-58; 1 Cor. 13:11

  1. Cowardice is the reason why many have never risen to their place of honor. Prov. 22:29
  2. God is looking for problem solvers and solution producers and not problem creators. Problems exist so that someone will make money from them. Eccl. 9:14-18
  3. Learn to solve the problem of people and you will prosper beyond your imagination. Prov. 20:5, 18
  4. You cannot be a history maker until you become a problem solver. Nothing affects your generation and makes you great like using your strength to serve. 1 Sam. 23:8-23
  5. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is not a lazy God, He is a workaholic and Abraham, Isaac and Jacob took after Him to make wealth through work. Gen. 12, 13 and 15. Jesus said, My food is to do the work of God and to finish it. John 4:34-35
  6. Your spiritual irresponsibility makes you a liability to others. Learn to work to help others.
  7. When you become empty of God and his knowledge you will be filled with more problems than when you meet with God. Matt. 12:43-50, Luke 11:24-26
  8. Every failure you face at a time makes you to think better and move to another height of glory.


  1. Peter was challenged by a girl when he was a coward but when he became a man, he challenged the whole people of Jews to believe in the Lord. Luke 22:50-54. Acts 2:14, 22, Acts 4:8-21.
  2. No challenge no change. No challenge no growth. Every time you are challenged, God is taking you to a new level. Lam. 3:18-30.
  3. There is something on the inside that will never work until your people despise you and you decide to rely on the God of heaven and earth. Judges 11:1-5
  4. When you are exposed to any challenge, this becomes an opportunity to change if you take it in good fate. Isaiah 66:5
  5. Naming ceremony without challenges is a name without greatness, but a name with challenges is a name with dignity and honor. Lk. 3:21-22
  6. Challenges give you God's earthly announcement and advancement. Luke 5:1-9. Babies live to consume but sons live to produce. The joy of a father is when a child is born but the pride of the father is turned to a son to take responsibilities. When child is a king the nation suffers, but if a son is enthroned then the nation will fulfill its destiny. Eccl. 10:15-18, Gal. 4:1
  7. If your father or mother keeps on complaining about you, then you are a child but when you become a son and take responsibilities you will be celebrated. Isaiah 9:6-8. Children keep on blaming people for their problems. Stop looking for whom to blame and take challenges that will take you to higher heights. Let your testimonies be more than your complaint.


  1. No one will speak well of you until you have results to show. Show people that you are not a failure. When results become your daily product, then people who criticized you will begin to celebrate you. Ezk. 22:30
  2. You can never make news or history that people will read until you face challenges and overcome them. Prov. 22:27
  3. The ground can never produce until you plant some seeds into them. Prov. 6:6-11, Prov. 24:30-34
  4. Joseph dreamed yet another dream even though his brother hated him in the former dreams. Gen. 37:5-9
  5. Until you learn to overlook your enemies and face your challenges you will remain where they are. Luke 19:12-25