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Building A Strong Church Leadership (Part 4)

Text: 1 Sam 18:1-5; Daniel 6:1-3; Ex 31:1-11

Memory Verse: 1 Sam. 18:14 "And David behaved himself wisely in all his ways: and the Lord was with him".


There is always something special in a man that makes people to love him when he or she is placed in leadership. You cannot be hidden when you are a specialist in any profession of life, it will always attract you to people and leadership. When the gift of God in you is properly used it brings promotion and it will attract both friends and lovers, though there will still be enemies but God will protect you from all dangers and raise you to the highest peak of life.


As we have already seen earlier, Success attraction both friends and enemies. David's leadership quality attracted envy even from his boss. When God is with you in whatever you are doing, you are bound to succeed no matter how many people that rises against you. 1 Sam 18:12-16.

  1. Every work we do in the kingdom requires God's enablement and when the signature of God is upon your calling you can go to any level of success like David was lifted to work with the king. 1 Sam 16:16-23.
  2. Remember when you serve the Lord with all your heart in your place of leadership, no power nor evil devises of men nor that of the devil can stop you. Your services and faithfulness will raise you up from glory to glory with diverse victories from heaven. 1 Sam 18:17-30.
  3. Daniel was preferred by the king because an excellent spirit of lesdership was found in him and this is exactly what our church need today to avoid damages. Among the three presidents that were chosen to rule over the 120 princes that manage the kingdom, he was the first and this still brought envy, so don't stop when such temptation comes to you. Daniel 6:1-5.
  4. God spoke to Moses that he has filled Bezaleel with the spirit of God in wisdom, understanding, knowledge and all manner of workmanship to build the tabernacle and he has also filled Aholiab and some others to help him achieve this great task. Ex 31:1-11. There is always someone ahead leading and focused while others follow to achieve "ONE VISION and ONE GOAL". 2 Tim 2:1-5.
  5. It is always said by our Bishop that leadership and mentorship begins at home, and that when a child whether a boy or a girl is not properly brought up, such grows up to become a bad husabnd or a bad wife. This behaviour follows them in every endeavour of life except they change. But Timothy knew God's word early from the grandmother and mother, and this made him a great leader until he became a bishop in his time. 2 Tim 1:5-8; 2 Tim 3:14-17, Prov 23:13-16, Prov 22:6, Prov 17:21, Prov 29:15,17.
  6. Leadership has generational lineage, it goes from one man to another and from one generation to another. You just need to position yourself in the right place and God will use you.Paul trained Timothy 2. Timothy trained Faithful men 3. Faithful men trained Others. 2 Tim 2:1-2. Deut.34:9


  1. Success in leadership does not fall down like a ripe fruit from a tree, it is cultivated and achieved by someone who cares despite all attacks of men and the devil . No one is born with all qualities but we can learn and become whatever God wants us to be, so any one can be a leader. 2 Tim 3:14-17.
  2. Paul met all kinds of problems in his leadership but it did not stop him from following the vision of God. There is no leadership that is challenge free, you must meet one or two or even more on your way up in leadership. 2 Tim 3:7-13.
  3. Paul used all kind of terms and strategies in his teaching techniques to give us understanding in leadership training so we can follow divine directions.
    • The Military (Soldiers) strategy 2 Tim. 2:3-4.
    • The Sports (Athletes) strategy 2 Tim 2:5, 1 Cor 9:24-27
    • The Farmers strategy 2 Tim 2:6


Every leader goes through painful training time to fulfil their vision and the gospel is not different.