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Building A Strong Church Leadership (Part 6)

Text: Eph. 4:10-16; Acts 6:1-8

Memory Verse: Eph. "But to every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ".


Everyone has a particular thing God has assigned him to do in this world. When you discover your potential and release it, it will be trained and then you will maximise your life on earth through it. The most important thing is willingness to be trained and to occupy the right place of responsibility.


It is dangerous to have people with ceremonial titles in the church without responsibilities. It simply stagnates and destroys the work of the ministry. Every leadership position must be filled with zealous and committed people who are ready at all times to carry out their responsibilities, Acts 6:8. When the wrong people occupy the position of leadership the work suffers, it delays, it also brings confusion among the workers and finally the work can be stopped completely. Judges 7:2-7

  1. Ephesians 4:12-16 instructs on the need to EQUIP the BELIEVERS for the work of the MINISTRY for the BUILDING UP of the church. This means to train workers who will help the pastors. This will stop the childish and foolish characters found in many leadership of the church today, as men are enslaved by all kinds of evil doctrines. We are encouraged to grow spiritually and help one another into fulfilling our callings and ministry.
  2. Every ministry needs encouraging workers, those that will help the leadership to bring fulfilment to the ministry. David told king Saul, "Let no man's heart fail because of this enemy, your servant will go and fight with him. David even gave testimony of his former battles and victories. We need such people today with good experience of their past life.1 Sam. 17:32-37.
  3. During our church fire incident some people in Abundant Life Parish rose up and refused the branch to suffer shame. I cannot forget the first service at the Bishop's residence where people said we refuse this branch to fail, neither suffer shame and His Royal Majesty stood up and said, "God allowed us to retreat so we can jump to a higher height and so let no man's heart be discouraged". This sounds like the words of David and we have seen the positive results. Oh Lord give us courageous and committed leaders. 1 Sam.17:40-47.
  4. Nothing rejoices the heart of a man of God when he discovers that people around him are not just miracle seekers who come and receives their miracles and go, but rather those who come to help him fulfil the vision of God in his life, 2 Sam. 23:8-23. We just have one life to live on earth and we need to live it to the fullest. Imagine a worker who never come to church when there is need, comes to services and meetings late, never give quality offering, never support missions nor the church work, never pays his tithes, never cares what happens to the man of God, do you call such a leader, or no, such are killers of the church. John 6:22-29, John 6:47-71, 1 Sam. 17:48-58


  1. The Apostles refused to be distracted by unnecessary things of life. They saw the urgency of the work and decided to bring in deacons who will help to advance the work better. Even some of the deacons were so anointed that they were doing double work both sharing the bread and also preaching the gospel. Stephen and Philip were good examples, we need such people today. Acts 6:8-14; Acts 7:1-60; Acts 8:1-4; Acts 8:5-8,26-40.
  2. Leaders who do the right in leadership are always thirsty for God for more strength to achieve greater things. Matt. 5:6. There cannot be proper growth in the church where there are not relevant, humble, faithful, committed workers who bring good things to the church. Psalm 63:1-8.
  3. Every time God calls for a particular project, he warns His leaders of those who complaints and murmurs because they enemies of good projects and progress. Luke 9:57-61. There is nothing that kills the work of God like such people. They are worst that AIDS or CANCER, they go down to the roots and sometimes you don't discover them until they fulfil their evil mission. Psalm 55:4-16; 1 Cor 10:5-13.


Leaders in each department must learn to plan, set goals and time to achieve great things in the church. They must also watch and see those who don't want such things to be done and exempt them from leadership position after consulting their leader. May the Lord give you strength to strive to the end in Jesus name. Luke 9:62