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Building A Strong Church Leadership (Part 7)

Text: Daniel 6:1-28

Memory Verse: Isaiah 41:10 Fear you not; for I am with you: be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yea, I will help you; yea, I will uphold you with the right hand of My righteousness".


Every leadership position has an opposition, so the best attitude to any leadership calling is to focus on what you are called to do and still do it joyfully. It is a distraction to allow anything to take away your attention from what you are called to do. There is no labour that requires rewards that does not have it's challenges, so the fulfilment is the goal not just the beginning. Col 4:17


  1. Every leader has diverse challenges, but the most important thing is how we manage our emotions in times of challenges. The attitude of our bishop during the fire incident was very encouraging, when people come to see him, he was always cheerful and even encouraged the people. The pain we go through is not as important as where we are going, the destination is the goal. God never promised there will not be challenges during our service in leadership, he rather said, He will be with us to help us fulfil our calling.1 Sam 30:3-20.
  2. People may destroy your image or stain your personality as a leader, but they cannot take away your character because no matter what, you are admired by some right people who truly know you better and believe in your calling and leadership. 1 Sam 30:6
  3. A leader may remain silent when people talk behind his back, but that does not mean he doesn't notice it. It simply means he chooses not to waste his time and energy on foolishness because he has more important things to do. His mind is always focused to hear what God is saying. "David encouraged himself in the Lord when his people wanted to stone him,...he also inquired from the Lord what to do for a SOLUTION and God answered. 1 Sam 30:6-8. When Daniel knew a decree was signed by the king as a secret and evil plan by his colleagues against his ways of serving God, though the king never knew their evil plan and mind, he never agitated, he rather decided to PRAY as his manner was even though it may bring his death. Daniel 6:11-23. Leadership does not require unnecessary quarrels or talking, it requires focus and determination, like the slogan of our bishop is "Determination Conquers Impossibilities". Daniel 6:4-11.


  1. The leader and the workers must function like two wings on the same bird or an aircraft to fly. They must work together or the vision will never rise up to it's ZENITH. As no bird nor airplane can fly up on one wing, even so a leader cannot fulfil a vision alone without true and committed workers. 1 Sam 30:9-10; Eccles 4:9-12
  2. For any vision to last and succeed, you must have true love, trust, respect, understanding and most importantly the fear of God in your life as a worker towards your leader or the visioner. Joshua 1:13-18, 2 Sam 23:1-4
  3. In every leadership, the mind is the battle field of the devil, every worker must beat him down in his mind and then find it possible to beat him in his life and responsibilities. (When you give the devil attention in your leadership position, he will give you direction and thereby controls your thought and actions). When pride and selfishness come in, the mind is focused on doing the wrong thing. John 13:2,10-11,21-30; 1 Sam 30:21-26
  4. Many people accuse the leadership when things go wrong in the church, but listen to this, Judas had the best pastor, the best leader, the best teacher, the wisest man on earth, the best friend yet he failed. The problem is not the leadership or the church, but if one's attitude does not change or character transformed, the person will always be the same. "Judas said, "Why waste this oil". Do you see things invested on a leader as a waste, that thought will sure waste your life like Judas if you don't change. Matt 26:6-11; John 12:3-8.


Daniel and David faced opposition in his leadership position, but God intervened for them because they served both the king and God with all their heart. Sometimes those we work with may not like us or may not be submissive but our humble service bring God closer to us and also stops the plans of the enemy against us. 1 Sam 30:1-6; Daniel 6:4-13.