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The Danger of Dying a Fool (Part 2)

TEXT: Matt 6:19-21, Deut 8: 10-18, Luke 6:46-49

Memory Verse: "Luke 12:20 But God said to him, You Fool, this night your soul shall be required of you: then whose shall those things be, which you have provided?"

Intro: I REFUSE TO DIE A FOOL. Many people listen to the word of God, yet close up their heart from obeying God. It does not mean anything to the devil if you hear the word of God and refuse to obey, but what the devil battles in everyone's life is never to put the word of God into practice. The freedom of anyone on earth is living or practicing the word of God especially when it has to do with your finance. The devil knows if you are free from selfishness and sting life, you are now really ready for every eternal values. Nothing has destroyed many Christians like their material possession yet God has constantly warned us against this. Luke 12:15.


This teaching is meant to uproot the evil seed of our relationship with material things more than God, which has caused us to give God crumbs like dog and then retain the real things for ourselves. Psalm 50:7-17.

  1. Idol worship is not only when you take some statue and keep somewhere to worship, anything that draws away your attention from obeying God is your idol. Especially your material possessions. Mark 10:17-25.
  2. Covetousness is an excess value and desire for material things and exalting it above God. 1 Tim 6:7-10.
  3. When you see anything too big to give to God, you are covetous and idolatrous person, and automatically you serve the devil and one day if you don't change you will miss eternity. Matt 26:7-9, John 12:3-6.
  4. The level of your offering determine your level of love and value for God and this determines also His value and recognition for you. Gen 4:1-10.
  5. Does your offering resemble your personality. Many rich people here were giving at their level and yet the poor widow was highly recognised and recommended by Jesus because of her quality offering. Mark 12:41-44.
  6. Every offering you give either takes you up or bring you down. 2 Cor 9:6, Mal 1:6-8, Prov 11:24-25


  1. Some of us are like JUDAS who had the best pastor, the best teacher, the best leader, the wisest man who was hundred percent man and God and the best friend, yet he failed and perished. Oh! The danger of the love of money. Luke 22:1-6,19-23,47-48, 1 Tim 6:9-10.
  2. The problem is not the leadership or the church, but if your attitude concerning money and other material things doesn't change or your character transformed you will still perish like Judas. Your attitude towards the word of God and God's work must change. John 13:2,10-11, 21-30.
  3. Judas listened to Jesus' teachings everyday and went out with other disciples for three years performing miracles, Jesus even said that their names were written in heaven but he refused to be changed and decided to wipe away his name Luke 10:17-20, just because of material things. John 13:21-30
  4. This is not different from some of us who give God rejected offerings and refuse to pay our tithes and also easily get angry when any project is discussed in the church, all these because of materialism. No one goes to the grave with anything, we will all leave them here and meet with the owner of the Universe. May you never die a fool like some people. 1 Tim 6:7, 9-10.


  1. Can you read Luke 12:19 - Nineteen times, Luke 12:20 - Twenty times and Luke 12:21 - Twenty one times using your name and refusing to die a fool.
  2. Read also Matt 6:19 - Nineteen times, Matt 6:20 - Twenty times and Matt 6:21 - Twenty one times using your name and refusing your heart to be attached to earthly things.
  3. The major question is, are you a customer to the church, a person who just come to buy if we have what you need and then go to another place looking for another thing or are you a partner for investment to build the church. Many are serious when they have problems and once they are settled they forget their commitment and seriousness to the things of God. John 6:64-71


When you finish this spiritual exercise, ask God to purify your heart and make a covenant to serve Him all the days of your life with what you have in honesty. Never be like those who come to God with their mouth but their hearts are very far from him. This is nothing but double face and double game with God but he knows all things . Matt 15:7-9, Psalm 78:7-9.