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The Danger of Dying a Fool (Part 4)

TEXT: Col 3:1-6, Eccl. 5:13-16

Memory Verse: "Luke 16:13 No servant can serve TWO MASTERS: for either he will HATE the one, and LOVE the other: or else he will HOLD to the one and DESPISE the other. You CANNOT serve GOD and MAMMON."

Intro: God is the MASTER of the UNIVERSE but Money is also a MASTER to the world. The choice is yours, either to LOVE God as your MASTER and DESPISE Money In your attitude or you LOVE Money as your MASTER and DESPISE God in your attitude. Money is called Unrighteous Mammon, and this means a god Lk 16:11. Many Christian in disguise worship this Mammon and yet they think they are serving God. The day you TURN money to be a SERVANT and SLAVE in your life, your full deliverance in every area of life has come. Col 3:5-6, 1 Tim 6:7-21


God calls covetousness IDOLATRY. Col.3:5. This include the LOVE OF MONEY. There is nothing bad with MONEY and RICHES, the only problem is that MONEY CAN BE A VERY BAD MASTER as several people has made it to be and forget God who has given them all things. 1 Tim 6:7-10.

  1. It is the LOVE OF MONEY and COVETOUSNESS that make people never to give quality offering, they later become IDOLATERS AND DIE AS FOOLS. Luke 12:16-21
  2. It is the LOVE OF MONEY and COVETOUSNESS that make several rich people keep quiet when the church is raising money for the work of God. Matt. 6:19-21
  3. It is the LOVE OF MONEY and COVETOUSNESS that make people never to sponsor missions or help the servant of God in times of his needs. Prov 11:24-25
  4. It is the LOVE OF MONEY and COVETOUSNESS that make people not to pay their TITHES AT ALL and some PAY HALF or some very little when they want to pay. Mal. 3:8-12.
  5. It is the LOVE OF MONEY and COVETOUSNESS that make people never to give FIRST FRUITS when God has blessed them with Work or business. Ezk.44:30, Numb. 15:18-21.
  6. It is the LOVE OF MONEY and COVETOUSNESS that make people listen to teachings of giving and yet watch pastors suffer with their family and they do nothing about it. 1 Tim 6:17-21
  7. God calls the LOVE OF MONEY and COVETOUSNESS rebellion, so people who are involved in it, are rebellious and they attract the anger of God upon themselves. Col. 3:5-6.


  1. If God see selfishness as COVETOUSNESS and IDOLATRY, then you know that no IDOLATER will inherit the kingdom of God. No one wants to be called an idol worshipper but many of us in the church are seen by God like that. Gal. 5:19-21, Col.3:5-6.
  2. God called the rich man in Luke 12:16-21 "A BIG FOOL." HE DIED AND LOST HIS SOUL because he could NOT BANK INTO HEAVEN through God's work.. Since our bishop wrote our missions account number on our bulletin no one has put anything into it for the sake of missions. Does it mean we don't care about the perishing souls.
  3. Another rich young ruler who needed ETERNAL LIFE so much, LOST HIS SOUL, HIS WEALTH and ETERNAL LIFE because of COVETOUSNESS and DIED AS A BIG FOOL AND WENT TO HELL. He refused what Jesus told him to do. Mark 10:17-31.
  4. God asked a very important question here, "What shall it PROFIT a man if he GAIN the WHOLE WORLD and LOOSE his SOUL. Then what shall it profit you as you see many opportunities to serve God, give to MISSIONS and EVANGELISM with what you have and still loose your soul because of COVETOUSNESS. Mark 8:34-38.
  5. Let your name appear in the GOLDEN ACHIEVERS list of Christ through manh MISSIONS PROJECTS of 2017-2020 and you will never suffer shame. Mark 16:15-20.
  6. Many BOOKS WERE OPENED and another BOOK WAS OPENED which is the BOOK OF LIFE and your LABOURS on earth. What kind of labour do you have? Shame and regrets or joy and everlasting rewards. Rev 20:11-15, 1 Cor 3:13-15.


  1. The devil knows his time is short on earth to accomplish his vision against humanity especially the Christians, then he is making his servants to give their life, their time and their money, but many Christians are still very blind to this fact. Our Motto is "MISSIONS AT ALL COST". Rev 12:7-12
  2. The only time you have to do something for God is now, tomorrow does not belong to you. You may PLAN MANY things for your life but you belong to God. INVEST into MISSIONS FOR AFRICA 2017-2020 and you will see GREAT RESULTS in you. James 4:13-17, Prov 27:1, Prov 29:1,


Life is a journey of eternity, we want to guide aright. Be a Mission Partner, Sponsor Missions. You have an opportunity today to INVEST INTO HEAVEN FOR YOUR FUTURE. No one comes back to CORRECT his or her ERRORS. Whatsoever you want to do, it is either now or never. It is EVIL TO SEE the work of God suffering and you keep quiet. Heb.9:27, Eccl. 12:12-13, Eccl. 8:7-13.