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Making A Difference In The Kingdom - Part 8

TEXT: Judges 11:1-40

Memory Verse: Judges 11:8 "And the elders of Gilead said unto Jephthah, Therefore we turn AGAIN to thee now, that thou mayest GO WITH US, and FIGHT against the children of Ammon, and be OUR HEAD over all the inhabitants of Gilead."


The story of Jephthah shows that no one can remain ordinary if such strives for excellence and great success in life. Many people who reject you in your low estate, remembers you in your high ELEVATION. Never JOIN people to keep you where they have thought NEGATIVELY that you will remain in life. Work on yourself and surprise them with what God has planted inside of you. No man can be celebrated when he is a NOBODY, but when such is lifted, highly positioned or well polished, he is highly respected and sought after. May you be that person in the name of Jesus Christ. Judges 11:8-11.


  1. Many people say, they leave their life in the hands of God, but they waste their time doing nothing on earth, but in their time of need or trouble they complain against everyone that nobody wants to help them. Who you make yourself determines the response you get from people in this life. Eccl. 9:13-18.
  2. When you develop what is inside of you, you become a celebrity on earth. People will look for you because you are a blessing to them, a plus and not a minus, an asset not a liability. God made everything for a purpose, and nothing produces that purpose until work is applied. God blesses those who are serious and work for His kingdom purpose. Think of our Afric-Missions Conference 2017. Are you truly involved in it and our three fold PROJECTS that is going on this year. Jn. 9:4, Prov. 22:29.
  3. When people reject you because of where you are today, prove them wrong by working on and developing your hidden potentials. Every gift of God in us cries for a touch and improvement to impact our generation. Make time and process your life until men will come and envy you. Gen. 26:1-22.


  1. The only way we can put value to our life is doing exactly what God has called us to do and doing it the right way. You have no reward for anything you refuse to do for the kingdom when demanded. When you begin to walk with God rightfully irrespective of who is watching or not you see new glories overflowing your life daily. If nothing has your record on earth, nothing will have your record in heaven. We are still building, honour God as our Father Abraham did. Prov 3:5-10, Prov. 11:24-25.
  2. How can you make the kingdom smile if you still walk in your will. Jephthah did not only sacrifice his life to fight the war, he sacrificed his only daughter to God. When we talk of making a difference, we don't have to neglect even the smallest thing like time, coming late to church. No one want to miss his flight at the airport, his booked bus at the park or an important appointment to make money. But when it comes to church matter, we are great masters, commanders and rulers. Many of us are so selfish, if the doctor tell us while we are very sick that the solution for healing is going to church early by 6am, I know there will be instant adjustment even earlier before that time. You don't know God's time of visitation, be careful. Lk. 12:16-21.


  1. Could you imagine a servant of God over great enthusiasm will select some leaders to help the church move forward just to be disappointed that the same people are not serious thereby bringing the vision backward. Think on how people treat their material things. They keep them well to be protected for their future. Home work for all Dominion Faith MEMBERS - compare Luke 12:19-21 and Matt. 6:19-21. Use this as a mirror for your heart.
  2. Do you want to honour God and make a difference like Jephthah, then let the fear of God grip your heart. If Jesus appears to you now and tells you to put your house in order that there will be rapture tomorrow and you are very sure this is him, what will you do? Eccl 13:13-14


Nothing on earth equates the plan God has for every one of us, yet we behave like those who don't know our destination. The flight do not stop in the air because there is turbulence, instead it moves on and warn the passengers to put on their safety belt. Why? Because the destination is the goal. Jephthah never accepted defeat, nor allow foundational challenges to stop him, he strived to the top. Do you want to make a difference ON EARTH? If yes, stand fast, move on until YOU and THE CHURCH HIT THE TARGET. Rev 3:5-6.