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The Prophet's Offering (Part 4)

TEXT: Mark 6:1-6

Memory Verse: Mark 6:4 But Jesus, said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.


It is truely remarked that most pastors are not valued in their churches because of familiarity. When they go out, God moves in such a surprising way beause those that they meet outside their church hold them in HIGH ESTEEM OR HIGH REGARD. It is not new because Jesus faced the same challenge, but it is not a blessing to anyone who dishonours the prophet of God sent to bless his life and destiny. When Jesus saw the same thing in his own village, he was MARVELLED because of the UNBELIEF. Are you one of them that dishonour God's servants? Don't forget his anointing cannot bless your life and family because it takes value to attract anointing. Ps. 105:15, Mtt. 13:55-58


Men and women chosen by God are GIFTS to every generation to bless their life, family, work or business, and to change the verdicts of the devil in times of trouble. John 1:6

  1. Think back, if you are properly connected to your propeht, if not change and begin to do something from now. When your car breaks down, you need a mechanic; when the tyre punctures you need a vulcaniser, when you need to travel by air you need a pilot, when you are sick you need a medical doctor, and when you are in need for spiritual direction to help you on this heavenly journey, you need a pastor, non of these profession is more important than the pastor, we have said this several times, but the pastor is the most despised, neglected and seen as nothing. Mtt 13:55-56
  2. When you destroy the fountain of a river, you will never drink the water any longer because you have made it to be dirty. You cannot flow with a river you are not connected to, you cannot be blessed by the anointing you never value, Jesus was surprised even in his own country, village and house. Matt 13:53-58, Ex 2:11-15
  3. There are prophets both good and false, but the prophet of Dominion Faith is Bishop James. Do you truly value him in your heart. What we say sometimes with our mouth is different from what we think in our mind and in our heart. We have seen people's life changed yet they turn against the same anointing that has made them, do you think God keeps quiet even when His servants keep quiet? God wants to bless you; never join those who despise or speak evil of the prophets of God.Lk 11:14-20


Your prophet may not ask you anything even when he or she is in need because they are not beggars, but think within yourself and seek out what to begin to do constantly to help or bless him as long as they live. For examlpe many pastors wives are so neglected that they are sometimes frustrated and discouraged to continue the work of the ministry. Acts 4:32-37

  1. Do you think that pastors' wives are improtant? Do you think their children are improtant? Do you think they deserve anything good? Answer the questions in your heart, but this question should be aksed generally in the church also. Ex 28:1-4, Heb. 5:4-6, Acts 16:14-15.
  2. Dont wait for death to come upon your prophet before you look for the best flower or best materials to offer to his dead body. Those things in those days will be valueless. A dead person cannot perceive the fragrance or good odour of the flower or use those material things. Let them have their flowers (Cars, buildings, money, shoes, cloths, electronic gadgets and whatsoever you have for them) while they are still alive. John 12:1-8.
  3. What you think is too big to give to the pastor, many people in other churches see it as TRASH OR TOO SMALL FOR THE PASTOR. When you see the pastor using the same suit, shoe, tie etc always, don't you think if you don't help and change it, you are blind while your two eyes are very well open. Lk 7:36, Phil 5:12-13,


Don't imitate the attitude of some people who don't think that the man of God has a future. Change your attitude from today. 1 Cor 9:7-14