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Repositioning the Church to Do Exploits - Part 3

TEXT: 2 Chro. 2:1-14, Gen.11:1-7

Memory Verse: But you shall remember the Lord your God: for it is He that gives you power to get wealth, that He may establish his covenant which has he swear to your fathers as it is this day. Deut.8:18.


If men can build TOWERS and CASTLES for themselves, build several houses and housing estates in diverse nations, establish great companies and govern it as the General Manager, open transportation or aviation companies, keep money in banks, why then do MEN find it difficult when it is time to do the work or build the house of God. Luke 14:28-30.


  1. You can be rich on earth and yet be very poor in the sight of God because you refused to invest sacrificially in the kingdom of God. Luke 12:16-21
  2. Your kind of heart determines your giving when building for God. 1 Chro. 21: 22-26
  3. If nothing bothers you during any Church project, God will never bothered to open your heaven to rain abundant blessings that will give you joy. Ps.126:5-6
  4. Sacrificial offering during Church project releases God’s great promises to be accomplished in your life and family. Gen. 8:18-21, Job 36:10-12
  5. Sacrificial giving during church projects will take you from one realm to another realm of God’s blessings. Gen. 22:1-18
  6. Sacrificial giving during Kingdom projects will change your entire destiny and generation for good. Ezra 5:16-17, Ezra 6:1
  7. Your sacrificial giving now that we are looking for a place of worship means a lot to God. Matt. 6:19-21.
  8. If you join the people of God and give sacrificially to get a better place of worship or build a better place for God, you will never suffer when the enemy makes evil plans to shake your life, family and business. Matt.7:24-27.



When every member have problems they come very close to God and his servants but when God and his church has problems many members run away very far from God and his servants. Psalm 78:9-12.