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Thanksgiving With a Difference (Part 3)

TEXT: 2 CHRO. 1:6-12, Lev 22:18-25, Luke 12:16-21

Memory Verse: "Luke 12:20-21 But God said to him, You fool, this night your soul shall he required of you: then whose shall those things be, which you have provided? So is ye that lays up treasure for himself and is not rich towards God"


The true reason for sacrificial thanksgiving is to show God how much we love Him for all His goodness and mercy over our lives. Many sleep and never wake up. Many travel and never come back, even Families move out for a journey and perish on the way. Fire disaster has wasted some people and their wealth. Many businesses are just destroyed in one day. Thieves break in and waste people's lives. Children go to school and never come back. Natural disaster has wasted many cities thereby destroying many houses, businesses, homes and people, but God has been loving us, protecting us and showing us his everlasting mercy. Can't we sincerely use something very important to say thank you in this thanksgiving. God is the owner of all things in the world Psalm 24:1, why don't we behave as if He is the giver of all things we have. Gen.22:1-18.


  1. At the end of every year, many people go to their gods with special and costly things to say thank you. Some go to their directors to say thank you. Many government officials go to their superiors to say thank you, but God's people are always in ignorance about what God is doing for them, they forget that without God they will not only be miserable, they will die. Mal. 1.6-16
  2. End of the year thanksgiving is the summary of everything God has done in the year, preserving life, family, business etc, so we need to understand that God is waiting for us to tell Him thank you for all he has done from the beginning to the end of the year. Deut 16:13-17
  3. If you were giving to the governor, president, minister, king or any other important personality in your life, what will you give to him. Do you think so high about God? Deut 15:21
  4. We quickly forget the good God has done in our life in times of trouble, we treat Him less than ordinary things. Real Christians remember what God has done for them and they sacrifice to Him in return. Psalms 66:13-16
  5. No one in the mortuary can wake up and give thanks to God. No one in the grave give thanks to God. Now that you are still living, maximise this privilege and do something tangible in your thanksgiving. This man had the opportunity but he dispised God and died a fool! Even as a business man, think of what you are doing so as never to attract God's anger one day like this man. Luke 12:16-21


  1. Men that disvalue God in their heart and attitude and refuse to give Him the right place in their life or always give him thanks, has always ended in jeopardy. Don't ever think that God is a dog to eat your crumbs that fall from your table. Luke 12:16-21
  2. David could have received what Onan offered him and sacrificed it to God, but he said I can not sacrifice to God what cost me nothing. What will your thanksgiving cost you this end of the year. 1Chro. 21: 22-26
  3. Is God a beggar or are we doing all these thanksgiving for our own good and future? If it is for our good, why do we behave as if God is looking for something to eat or some money to use. Job 36:10-12
  4. Our attitude before the altar of God determine the type of heart God develope for us in everything of life. Your heart! Your heart! Jer. 17:9-13, 2 Cor. 9:6, Gal. 6:7
  5. When you are looking for a great testimony in life, you must learn to do things that attract the attention of God like Abraham did. Many spend their time complaining about what God has not done, they wear costly clothes, shoes, ride big cars, build mansion, but they don't think what can I do to make God happy? James 2:20-22, 1 kings 17:9-15


  1. No one forced this widow into a sacrificial offering; you never expect someone to force you into obeying the word of God in thanksgiving. If the widow could give, and even gave all, what kind of sacrifice do you have for God? Does your heart or conscience ever speak to you or you just always move according to your thinking? Mk. 12:41-44
  2. God always watch when you give him anything especially your thanksgiving offering after he has done so many good things for you. How much does doctors, hospitals and pharmacies take from people, yet their ingratitude towards God is seen very clearly. Do you know how much millions people spend to have one child now? Yet you can't give God thanks for yours. This is your opportunity and always do it! Luke 21:1-4
  3. If you need a generational blessing, it is only received through sacrificial offering and thanksgiving. Wherever the gospel is preached, this woman is mentioned as Christ predicted. Does anything speak and will conti ue ro speak of you? Matt. 26:6-13
  4. The thought that stopped you from your sacrificial thanksgiving will still bring you back to another lower level of regret in life. You always need God, if you think you don't need Him because things are good now, don't forget there is always a rainy day of need. You must need God one day. Acts 4:34-37


If you begin early to plan your thanksgiving you will never give God a useless or rejected thing, a trash that is not valuable. You will give Him your GOLD, your precious and valuable things. You will always think of making Him happy becuase he made you very happy keeping you, even if you never get all you needed. Never give the devil an inch in your life. When you give the devil attention in your mind or heart, he will give you direction for destruction! Psalm 76:11