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Thanksgiving With a Difference (Part 5)

TEXT: Luke 17:11-19, Isaiah 38:18-19

Memory Verse: "1 Sam. 1:21 And the man Elkanah, and ALL HIS HOUSE, went up to offer to the Lord the YEARLY SACRIFICE, and HIS VOW."


It has been proved that men easily make promises to God in time of trouble, but they find it TOO DIFFICULT TO FULFILL THEM when they are out of problem. Such people never have a lasting blessing because they have forgotten the source of their freedom and blessing. One thing is sure, there is always another point of meeting with God in another time of trouble, because as much as we live we need God at all times to deliver us, but at other times some pay painfully and very hardly by loosing either their money, material things or their life. Psalm 34:19-22, 1 Sam. 1:19-28, Psalm 66:13-16.


  1. Life is the most sweetest thing everyone need on earth, this include health, materialthings, marriage, children, good relationship, nevertheless we forget easily that it is God who gives us all these things to enjoy on earth. James 4:13-14, 1 Tim 6:17-19
  2. God has a plan for everyone on earth, but we must bring ourselves to the point and the place He can easily locate us to work in our lives especially through our sacrifices. But when you see God as your classmate, room mate or casual friend, you treat him like a dog. 1 kings 17:8-15; Psalm 113:7-8
  3. Hannah manifested her gratitude to God according to the vow she made to the Lord in times of her trouble. We must learn to maintain this attitude. We cry and shade tears easily asking from God, but we easily forget the past and start asking God for new things without Thanksgiving for the past miracle. Some will use nonsense for their Thanksgiving. 1 Sam. 2:1-11
  4. One man was told by a witch doctor to sacrifice a goat to the river goddess after consultation, he took a cock to the river and said to the cock whether you are making noise as a chicken or as a goat, you are a goat. He then threw the chicken to river and later he died because he failed in their covenant. God is a Spirit He sees every act of men on earth no matter where it is done, so never think because he never kill people like this goddess that He is not powerful. He is merciful but judgemental also. Heb. 12:29, Mal. 1:6-8, Eccl 12:13-14


  1. Many businessmen and workers give several costly things or money to human beings to have favour and do business or solve certain problems of life; but they forget that their life is in the hands of God. And during thanksgiving they will give what an ordinary student or poor person will not give, yet they think God is not seeing their attitude towards him. Why do they enter serious problems sometimes, this is the cause. James 4:13-17, Luke 12:16-21.
  2. God visited Hannah with 3 boys and 2 girls after she honoured God with her first child Prophet Samuel. This is one of the highest sacrifice in the bible, giving out the only child to serve God, but God saw her heart and blessed her back. You have great opportunity to change your attitude while you are still alive. 1 Sam. 2:18-21, James 1:17
  3. God expects your thanksgiving at the level of your income. The rich must give at their level and the poor at their level. Every teacher in their class must read read Mark 12:41-44 to see the attitude of people, both the rich and the poor. Nevertheless God loves a cheerful giver not those who murmur and grumble. Mark 12:41-44; 2 Cor 9:6-11.
  4. Your heart attracts God or pushes Him away. Jacob quickly recognized God during his journey and made a vow that sustained God's word in his life. Don't see God as one who easily forget like you. When you vow pay it. Gen. 28:10-22
  5. Elkanah goes up to SHILOH every year to do two things. TO SACRIFICE and to PAY VOWS. Some of us will CHANGE the vow for the sacrifice and still pray more than everybody as if we have done the right thing. 1 Sam 1:21


  1. God has so many children, but you must distinguish yourself BY WHAT YOU ARE DOING IN IN THE WORK OF GOD. What you are doing in the kingdom determines God's value for you. Luke 8:1-3
  2. Allow God to rule over your life and everything you are doing. If you make Him the No. 1 in your life, then he will never forget nor forsake you. 1 Sam 1:21.
  3. Some people when they are dedicating a costly house, car, land etc or even children will use one useless thing for the dedication and they forget what it cost God to bless them. No wonder many people enter into trouble and you pray and nothing happens as if God is deaf or heartless.


You can begin from now or today to change your attitude towards God. You cannot see God, but you see his servants who talk you daily. The only opportunity you have now is to show God how you love him through your thanksgiving. Do it and you will never regret it. Luke 6:38; Prov 11:24-25.