Wisdom Discovery and Study Center

The Heart for Kingdom Service - Part 1

TEXT: Jeremiah 17:9-11, Matt. Mark 7:21-23.

Memory Verse: "Jeremiah 17:9-10 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"


The Bible uses the word "heart" primarily to refer to the ruling center of the whole person, the spring of all desires. The heart is seen as the seat of the will, intellect and feelings. "Character", "personality" and "mind" are approximate modern terms for the Bible's meaning of heart.

When I read the bible and see all kinds of hearts, I keep telling myself I reject a deceitful and wicked heart. It does not happen in one day, it grows gradually from bad to worse and from worse to worst until you see yourself doing things you cannot believe you are the one doing them. How is your heart? Deceitful, wicked, evil, stony, crooked, bitter, dark or good and sweet heart? God deals with the heart of man, and that is the area of man that has been so difficult. If you can allow God to break your heart then He can use you, but if you refuse and remain the way you are, it will be very difficult for you to touch the grace of making it to heaven. You may be rich on earth, but your part in heaven will be very difficult. The heart that God uses is such that is open to him.


  1. When God says He tries the heart of men, it is a serious matter. One of the greatest thing we need to do daily is to watch over our hearts to make sure we are not overtaken by the issues of this life, thereby driving our hearts away from the Holy Spirit. When your heart begins to be cold concerning the things of God, you are in trouble. Luke 21:33-36.
  2. If you dont guard your heart, you will be surprised that the devil can enter into your heart as he entered into Judas' own and you begin to do or say terrible things that can destroy both the church, your family or your destiny. Your heart must be guarded from evil. John 13:2
  3. It is easier to depart from the faith than to continue in the faith, that is why we must always be watchful what enters into our hearts. When the bible says men shall depart from faith and giving heed to doctrines of the devil, it is talking to believers. Imagine a Christian who refuses to pay tithe or pay it correctly, the devil controls that heart. That is the demon of love of money. 1 Tim. 4:1-2.
  4. The devil always deceive Christians with the riches of this world as he tried it on Christ. When the heart of man is deceived, you can see the person fighting God's PROJECTS in his heart because of money. The devil gradually brings us close to himself making us to believe the church is taking too much from us. He wants us to keep what we have to be rich, yet we can spend them on useless things of this world. Matt. 4:8-11.


  1. When you see yourself doing things contrary to the word of God, for example when you are no more interested in the bible studies and prayers, you begin to lie and live in disobedience at home or in the church, committing fornication, adultry or abortion, coming late to church or comes when you want, refusing to pay your tithes or vows, giving crumbs as offering, speaking evil of the church or the pastor and many other evil things, you are deceived and that is wickedness against God. Joseph refused to be trapped by the master's wife seduction. Mark 7:21-23, Gen. 39:7-12.
  2. When you see yourself giving very little to the work of God like our ongoing cathedral and yet you spend much money on yourself and family, saying in your heart let others also give, you are deceived. If God begin to treat you according to what your heart says or talks when you hear the pastor or the bishop speaking about God's work, many will just die. Lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God. 2 Tim. 3:1-4.
  3. When a church begin to owe church rents, refuse to support the leadership, refuse to come to leadership meetings, discuss church matters negatively, carried away by their selfishness, worldly lusts and evil desires, then the members of the church are deceived. Mark 4:14-19.


  1. TRUE REPENTANCE: Begin to repent and reject every evil thing you have done and never go back to them again. 1 John 2:15-17
  2. RENEW YOUR FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD AND WITH THE SAINTS: Let the desire for Bible study and prayers come back into your heart and force yourself to attend all services. Spend private time to study the bible and pray, use the bulletin of the church both old and new. Rev. 3:15-22.
  3. CUT EVERY FRIENDSHIP THAT LEADS YOU TO EVIL: Nothing is so dangerous like having friends that influence you to do evil. It could be a church member or leader, when such does not edify you, you are moving away from the Spirit of God. 1 Cor. 15:33, Rom. 16:17-18.
  4. BEGIN TO PAY YOUR TITHES AND OTHER CHURCH SUPPORTS: What makes you a true member of every association is your financial obligations and physical presence in meetings. If your church membership is not maintained by these things you are completely out of service both with God and man. Mal. 3:8-12, Mal. 1:6-8.
  5. BE CLOSE TO YOUR GOD'S SERVANT FOR MORE GROWTH: Count it a privilege to be close to God's servant. Be a blessing to him or her. Every church member are raised by God as spiritual children to the pastor or church leader. Don't ever use your familiarity for disrespect and dishonour for such will brings curse on you. Heb. 13:7,14-17.


We will continue this teaching until our hearts are purified from evil, deceitful acts and wickedness. Don't forget that the spirit of antichrist will not allow you to support God's work constantly. Make it an obligation to invest into our cathedral weekly. You will be surprised. The devil will want you to obey him, saying dont give. Who will your heart obey, Christ or the devil. Be ready for more research and revelations. Mark 8:34-38.