Wisdom Discovery and Study Center

The Heart for Kingdom Service - Part 4

TEXT: Mark 8:34-38, Rev. 3:14-22

Memory Verse: "Rev. 3:17 Because you say, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing, and know not that you are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked."


A man was informed about the death of his father, but he waited for a while. When his father started smelling, their neighbours took his father to the mortuary for preservation.

A week later, he went to the mortuary to see the corpse of his father. When he was about to enter the place, there was a poster placed at the entrance of the mortuary, of which no one can escape it. It reads: "WE WERE LIKE YOU BEFORE, BUT WE ARE HERE NOW. ”

The young boy read it, but it didn't make any sense to him. He went inside, checked the corpse of his father, after a few minutes, he made his step out. As he was about to step outside, he saw another inscription placed on a strategic location, which no one will escape. It says: " YOU WILL SOON BE LIKE US.”

This last word touched his stony heart and he repented from that moment. From that moment, he understood that everything here on earth is like a dream, a vapour. Life itself is not real, as everything is temporal. You will soon be like those that were once Living , Eating , Sleeping , Walking , Talking , Laughing here on earth , but today......They're NO MORE.

When he got to his father's mansion, there was nobody to talk to, his father left his shoes, clothes, money, bed, cars, EVERYTHING. As he was searching his father's wardrobes, he saw untouched brand new dollars, well packed and arranged, but the owner of the money was in the mortuary. The young boy remembered, “ WE WERE LIKE YOU BEFORE, BUT YOU WILL SOON JOIN US. ” He cried the more.

You eat chicken with vegetables and fish, meat, fried rice, and drink juice and wine today, but tomorrow, your body becomes food for maggots. You drive a nice car today, but tomorrow, a hearse drives you. You live in a mansion today, but tomorrow you live in burial ground. You sleep in a nice bed today, but tomorrow, you sleep inside the Grave! There is no replacement for your soul ? It is priceless, unique and peculiar. The soul is the real you. It leaves on after death. You will lose everything if you die without GOD and without living for Him.

My house, my car, my money, my children, my certificates, my job, my husband, my wife, my families, my clothes, my shoes.....Mine ! Mine!! Mine!!! What is this life worth?


  1. Many of us are no more interested in the things of God, bible study and prayers are nothing today, we have blinded ourselves with the material things until we have driven Christ out of our heart and out of our character. Christ is knocking to come back into our lifestyle yet because we are spiritually deaf and blind we cant hear nor see. The results will be disastrous if we refuse to repent. Rev 3:20
  2. We are the salt of the earth, and the light of the world the bible says, but our hearts are full of nonsense desires today. We are so much distracted that all we talk is need and blessings. For example our coming midyear Thanksgiving you will see people giving crumbs to the altar and some will not even come because our hearts are completely void and empty of God. Matt 5:13-16.
  3. Where are the Anointed Youth of Dominion Faith? Where are the Royal Women of Dominion Faith? Where are the Excellent Children of Dominion Faith? Where are the Action Men of Dominion Faith? Where are you yourself? Have we abandoned the house of God and ran away? 2 Sam. 23:8-23.


  1. Your heart may have departed from the faith without you knowing it. If you say you are in faith, what is your attitude towards the house of God since the bishop has been crying over some damages that may be. Compare your attitude today with the time you repented newly, what does your life prove now? You can now mix with the ungodly people any how doing the same thing, eat any how, wear any kind of nonsense, do many things without your heart condemning you. The fear of God has gone out of our hearts. 1 Cor 13:5-10, 1 Tim 4:1-3
  2. When the Trumpet of the Lord will sound and the true believers are taken up, what do you think will happen to your life if you keep living against the word of God and still remain in the church. If you have some money in your bank account and leave to eternity and the work of God is undone, would you call that true Christianity? What do you think Christ will tell you? Rev 20:6-15
  3. If we could have the experience of hell fire by revelation while we are still in this body, the whole church will call the bishop to finish the cathedral in six months and no one will like to go to hell after death, but the devil has so much blinded our eyes that we don't think of the coming judgement of God. Your labour determines your reward. 1 Peter 2:11-12


Deido Church.......Gavel = 110.000, 15 bags of Cement = 75.000, 17 rod 6 = 25.500 = Total 210.500

Bonadibong Churcg. Paying the Contractor/ Debt of building materials =115.000, 15 bags of Cement = 75.000, 13 rod 6 =19.500, Total = 209 .500

Bonaberi Church.... sand = 80.000, 15 bags of Cement = 75.000 , Total = 155.000

Miscellaneous 25.000

You can connect your children or grand children to this cathedral by buying the smallest rod 6 of 1500 CFA, or rod 8 of 2,700 CFA or binding wire if 1000 CFA or even one bag of cement of 5,000. You can as well sacrifice and buy a truck of sand or gravel for the breakthrough and destiny of your children.


Where are the Anointed Youth of Dominion Faith? Where are the Royal Women of Dominion Faith? Where are the Excellent Children of Dominion Faith? Where are the Action Men of Dominion Faith? Where are you yourself? Have we abandoned the house of God and ran away? It is time to rise up and build. 2 Sam. 23:8-23.

Many of us have completely refused to grow. Never be like one of them, arise and let us build together to the glory of God. Heb 5:12-14; 1 Cor 13:11; 1 Cor 14:20, Eccl 10:16-17.