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The Power of Divine Exemption - Part 02

Text: Isaiah 41:10-16, Zech. 4:6-10

MEMORY VERSE: Psalms 18:2 The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower.


To know that fear is the forerunner of every failure. To understand that God manifests his glory in the midst of every crisis. To also know that you can refuse the COVID19 DISTRACTION to FULFILL your vision this year. Finally to understand that UNLIMITED GRACE ACHIEVEMENTS ARE POSSIBLE this year in spite of all that the enemy is doing.


This year UNLIMITED GRACE is one of the greatest years that many of us will experience God's visitation, that is why the devil decides to DISTRACT several of us from our VISION. COVID19 as one of the agents of the devil has distracted many, and it has taken many to untimely death and to hell fire. This VIRUS is teaching many of us that God is the SUPREME and highest AUTHORITY and we should have reverence and great fear for him. What are you learning from this crises? It will pass and many of us will never learn anything new from it. All that many know is that life continues AND THEY STILL LIVE AS THEY WANT. Is that the way you look at life? If so then you are foolish and not wise. But you can still change if you care.


  1. God's word remains the supreme authority of the universe. One of the greatest thing that the devil uses to rule and ruin many people is fear. FEAR CAN MAKE YOU TO MISS YOUR FOCUS THIS YEAR. God has promised to be with us in times of crises and all challenges, but we quickly forget God's word and magnify the works of the devil immediately it strikes. God's anointing upon Christ overrules every evil in the universe including COVID19. Acts 10:38
  2. You are different from the world. See who you are. 1 Peter 1:23 Being born again, not of CORRUPTIBLE SEED, but of INCORRUPTIBLE, by the word of God, which LIVETH and ABIDETH for ever.There is something very special about our life, the life of Christ in us supersedes every kind of VIRUS both past, present and future. 1 John 4:4 Ye are of God, little children, and have OVERCOME them: BECAUSE GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU, than he that is in the world. Can you see who you are? Can you see the BIGNESS OF YOUR GOD? COVID-19 means nothing to him.
  3. When God says FEAR NOT, that means He is in charge. Take time to study his word. Luk 10:18-19 AND HE SAID UNTO THEM, I BEHELD SATAN AS LIGHTNING FALL FROM HEAVEN. Behold, I give unto you POWER to TREAD on SERPENTS and SCORPIONS, and OVER all the POWER of the ENEMY: and NOTHING SHALL by ANY MEANS HURT you. The fall of satan is not different from the way this COVID-19 will fall and cease very soon. FEAR NOT LIKE THE WORLD DO.
  4. Your faith in GOD'S WORD determines your authority over every situation around you. Listen to this scriptures. 1John 5:4 For WHATSOEVER is born of God OVERCOMETH the world: and this is the VICTORY THAT OVERCOMETH the world, even our FAITH. What kind of faith do you have in God in the midst of such crises in the whole world? Anyone can die anywhere and any how and not only through COVID19. LET YOUR FAITH OVERCOME IN EVERY SITUATION. 2 Peter 1:2-4.


  1. Did you see how GOD USED YOU TO ATTACK AND OVERCOME those who want to take our church land in Nigeria. We cannot physically fight the catholic church as they look like GIANT but God stood by us and overcame. But the true victory is in the dwarf fence we have done. We completely blocked not only them but everyone that wants to come again. FEAR NOT. BUT WE MUST FINISH IT. Isa. 41:11-14.
  2. He that FIGHTS and RUNS AWAY will ALWAYS live to fight AGAIN UNTIL HE WINS. We still have other battles to fight to finish this wall of the Nigeria land. To FINISH THE WALLS of the land, we need 1. 1,500 blocks 2. 36 rods of rod 10, 3. 10 pcs of rod 6, 4. 7 bundles of binding wire 5. 30 bags of Cement 6. 1 Truck of gravel 7. 2 Trucks of Sand 8. Water and hiring of Tank 9. Planks and Nails 10. All round Labour A) Iton Benfing, B) Pouring the gravel C) Raising the blocks . We can pick them one after the other without disturbing the whole church. We need to finish it to avoid people using it as waste bin and toilet. No distraction from VISION 2020. COVID19 Cannot distract us from God's vision. Luke 1:37, Mark 9:23.
  3. Don't forget there are SEVERAL PROJECTS before us this year. We will deck our cathedral and zinc it in Jesus name AND WE ARE WELL ABLE. Some will say that the church has come again. All you need is FOR GOD TO OPEN YOUR DOORS MIRACULOUSLY. You are not obliged to participate, but as you watch AS A SPECTATOR you will see many PROJECTS FULFILLED BEFORE YOU. In the midst of COVID19 God will raise many DAVIDS' TO FIGHT OUR GIANTS. It's nothing but GRACE. IT WILL BE THE BATTLE OF GRACE. Zech. 4:6-10.


  1. Focus on your vision this year. Don't allow COVID19 to distract your attention from your plans and goals this year. Have you written down your goals? If so pursue them with all the strength in you and your blessings will be UNLIMITED.
  2. You are EXEMPTED FROM ALL DANGERS. YOU ARE EXEMPTED FROM ALL FAILURES. YOU ARE EXEMPTED FROM ALL DISEASES AND UNTIMELY DEATH. YOU ARE EXEMPTED FROM POVERTY. God has a great plan for you. Beware do you dont mixe up any how with those who don't care about their lives. Be clean, watch your environment and enjoy yourselves. THERE SHALL BE SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS UPON YOU.
  3. One of the greatest MIRACLES of your life will happen this year even in the midst of this crises. What do you want, allow God to come first and you will see his glory. Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


If you dont have emergencies for now stay at home except when it is unavoidable. We as children of God must be strong, bold and serve our God and still follow all the health rules. We cannot fail this year as we stand on God's word. 1 John 5:18.