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The Principles for an Impact Driven Church - Part 2

TEXT: Eccl. 9:10, Prov. 22:29, 1 Thess. 5:23-25


One of the most important principle of church growth declares that “the people must want the church to grow and be willing to pay the price”. In churches where the people don‟t want the church to grow, the church will not be willing to pay the price, and the church will still not grow.

After the pastor, the people are the next. Usually, it is a 50-50 chance. Both the pastor and people must desire and pay the price for the onward movement of the church. For the church to be impact-driven the people must be committed to the growth of the church. They must clearly understand the vision of the church and embrace it.


Impact-driven churches believe and are committed to excellence. They don‟t settle for average. They pursue and promote excellence in life and ministry. Thy strive for the best in whatever they do. They have learned that excellence in life does not just happen. Excellence is made to happen. They don‟t wish excellence, they work for excellence. They realize that excellence on the outside is a product of excellence within. They set a high standard for themselves under which they can operate.They therefore strive and fight for excellence in whatever they do. They don‟t follow the crowd because. They want to pull a crowd. They manifest holy indignation against mediocrity in life and ministry. They dare not measure‟ themselves by local standard. They think globally. No wonder they are making terrific impact in their area of ministry.


Churches that earnestly desire to make lasting impact seek relevance in ministry. They dare not do ministry with the attitude of “take it or leave it”. People does not care how much you know until they know how much you care. The church must show enough care to discover the real and felt needs of the people and minister to them accordingly. The church must research and know what makes the people to embrace or reject the gospel. We must know how best to reach and win them. Being relevant means we seek to touch the people at their point of need spiritually, physically, financially, materially, mentally and otherwise.To be relevant, we must copy the ministry style of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. He brings healings, miracles, peace, pardon, feeding, forgiveness and acceptance to people without necessarily losing focus.


Churches that are making terrific impact in their communities are the ones that have elevated prayer to ministry status. They did not only teach, sing and talk about prayer, but they actually pray, Yonggi Cho stated that church growth is 60% prayer and 40% principles and methods. To make lasting impact the church must pray. Prayer must return as the main business of the church, Prayer, believing prayer is God‟s price for supernatural power in our life and in the church. No prayers, no conversion; no prayers, no power; no prayer; no church growth. Prayer then is not optional but prayer time should be taken as a time of reward, if growth must occur. The church that never prays never grows. Church growth is related to the prayer life of the church. The church with the least developed prayer ministry records least growth. If the church doesn‟t have a prayer emphasis, the Planning, preaching and programming will be powerless. The decline of the church is the testimony to the neglect of prayer. Prayer must be given a ministry status in the church. Engage part-time and full time intercessors for the church. These are people that have the call of God upon their lives to pray for the church and the leadership. Impact driven churches and their leadership derive their awesome power and effectiveness from such powerful and importunate prayers. Yonggi Cho have 2,000 of such people. John Maxwell had 100 of them. Peter Wagner had 19 of them. Reinhard Bonnke had 10 of them and the Redeemed Christian Church of God had 12 of such full time intercessors. Is anyone still in doubt why they are making such mighty impact?


The low presence of the Holy Spirit in a church signifies decline and death. When the power and presence of the Spirit is so low, demons will have a field day in the church. Things will move with timid and slow pace. Routine, lifeless and mechanical services will be the order of the day. Where such activities that I have been describing is prevalent, growth will grow wings and flyaway. Such churches cannot make any serious impact upon her world. But in impact driven churches, the mighty and. Special presence of the Holy Spirit is known and seen in practical demonstration. The Holy Spirit is welcomed, cherished and worshipped. He is the Lord of the harvest and by His mighty power draw and save sinners in large numbers in the church.The power and presence of the Holy Spirit is what enables the church to make indelible impact anywhere.