Wisdom Discovery and Study Center


Joseph and Josephine James Prof. Joseph and Dr. Josephine James are extraordinary servants of the Lord. Their lives have inspired many as they listen to their "Inspired Wisdom Quotes." Every time they open their mouths to teach, many are so careful to put down the wisdom utterances that come from their mouths.

Some of these wisdom quotes have been created by many into frames for sale, and others put them on their walls in their houses and offices. They inspire them to move forward in life.

Wisdom is seen by the James' in their own concept as the flow of God's supernatural virtue and his ways of doing things through mankind. Explore this "Words of Wisdom" in the Wisdom Discovery and they will inspire, ignite, motivate and push you forward.

Just click one for a change of life. Click one and your entire life and future will have another meaning. Also be sure to check out the articles on this site, as we are adding more all the time. God Bless You.