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Your Health, Your Ministry

TEXT: 2 Kings 13:14-20


The reality today is that what you don’t know is what will kill you – especially in the area of your physical health. Unfortunately, many ministers are displaying abysmal ignorance in the area of their physical health; the more reason many are sick and infirmed today. It is time you realize that your health is your ministry. Without physical health, your ministry will be highly limited.


  1. Wrong views about health, rest and leave.
  2. Premature death of promising ministers.
  3. Unnecessary health problems of ministers.
  4. Abysmal ignorance about minister’s physical health.
  5. Increasing wave of physical disability of ministers.
  6. God’s will and mind concerning our health.
  7. Prime importance of health to the ministry.


The body that carries the soul must be kept healthy. Your body is like an elastic spring. If it’s overstretched, it will snap or break. One may be planning a suicide without knowing it. Too many ministers that appear physically healthy are in actual fact in poor health due to some of these reasons:

  1. Ignorance of healthy issues.
  2. Carelessness in eating habits.
  3. Overstretching – too much vigil.
  4. Over work – too many speaking engagements.
  5. Lack of rest and relaxation.
  6. Misplacement of faith.
  7. Wrong notions about drugs and hospitals.
  8. Lack of physical exercises.
  9. Lack of medical check-up.
  10. Ignoring warning signals.
  11. Misplacement of faith.


Being a gospel minister is the toughest job in the whole world. A research was made as to how energy was being used by various categories of workers. Hear this: someone who picks up shovel and digger at 8.00a.m. and dig until 5.00p.m. used the same energy as the minister who preach or minister for I hour in the pulpit.

Stress is the wear and tear of the body. Ministry, family, transportation, church members and finance are some of the issues that stress ministers.


Irritability, depression, over-active, and palpitation of heart, dry throat and mouth, emotional instability and impulsive behaviour. Also, loss of memory, general disorientation, lack of concentration, loss strength, dizziness, trembling, excessive sweating, speech difficulty, sleeplessness, excessive urination and pain in the heart.

All these are danger signals to your health as a minister. If you are especially over 40 years, you must take note these signs. After 40 years – you are no longer a young man, your body began to mark meter. You must make sure it is oiled, greased, serviced and kept prim always.


  1. Live a normal life – one step at a time.
  2. Environment matters – free, spacious place. Overcrowding is bad. One room is not good for a family minister more especially when children are grown.
  3. Bear few children – too many children will overstress you.
  4. Be sincere, open and transparent in your lifestyle.
  5. Don’t set impracticable goals for yourself.
  6. Smile, laugh and be humorous.
  7. Physical exercise and sport.
  8. Rest, relax and go on vacation.
  9. Check up – twice a year, blood pressure 130/90
  10. Heart conditions should be checked.
  11. Sleep well on a good bed and ventilated room.
  12. Listen to music, sound and singing.
  13. Listen to others sermons.
  14. Eat good food and a balance diet.
  15. Fast normally and regularly.
  16. Have a qualified doctor to attend to you. Don’t just use any drug or assume you know it all.


Finally, a minister must rest for eight hours in a night to remain healthy to remain healthy more especially if you are above 45. If you are able to abide by these simple recommendations, you will deliver your message in a good health.