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Your Ministry of Church Starts From Your Home - Part 1

Text: 1 Peter 3:1-2,7


It is an unwritten rule that ministry is much more important than the family. Fathers in the faith have taught this and it has become the norm. That is why the average minister is ready to sacrifice his family for his ministry. Furthermore, lots of ministers find it convenient to neglect their home due to the following:

  1. Failure to discover purpose before partner.
  2. Ignorance of the important place of the family in ministry.
  3. Wrong teachings and family values system.
  4. Dabbling into marriage wrongly and getting their fingers burnt.
  5. Lack of maturity as a man, father and husband.
  6. Wrong counseling and influence by friends.
  7. Poor relational skills and personal development.
  8. Manipulations of the enemy, witchcraft and generational curses.
  9. Pressures of projects, careers, vocations and structures.
  10. Evil carry over from the family and societies.

I know many ministers that ruined their personal and ministry potentials simply because they made the grave mistakes of neglecting their homes for ministry. Current ministers that get involved in family scandals are losing and will continue to lose their ministry, because if you fail at home, you will surely fail in ministry too.


Prov. 18:22; 21:9,19; 21:9

Positively or negatively, your home will impact your ministry. Knowingly or unknowingly, your marriage will bring lifting or limitation to your ministry. I have seen ministers that got married right, kept a good home and their ministry took a giant leap forward. I have also observed ministers that have a growing ministry, but once they got married wrongly, their ministries took a serious nosedive and they are still struggling to keep it from destroying. Your marriage and home will impact your ministry with:

  1. Maturity and spirituality.
  2. Respect, honour and responsibility.
  3. Great confidence and growth.
  4. Support, cooperation and freedom.
  5. Turnaround and tranquility.

Your marriage MUST be a goodluck, not badluck, padlock, jamlock and handcuff. Rather, it must be a bliss, haven of peace, not a hell hole, provided you start your ministry at home first.


Prov. 14:1

  1. Purpose before partner is very crucial
  2. Make it absolutely sure you get into right marriage (intense prayerfulness, allowing God to lead you)
  3. Believe in the sanctity of marriage and family.
  4. Let your home come first in your order of priority.
  5. Spend time to know, love, share and patiently mould your spouse.
  6. Show and demonstrate the gospel to your immediate family.
  7. Be around to nurture and care for your home and family.
  8. Carry your home along in your ministry activities.

*What is a man looking for in a wife*? Submission, respect, sobriety, food, good sex and wonderful manager of the family budget.

*What is a woman looking for in a husband*?

Genuine love, care, attention, relationship, promises and protection.